Success Story from British Columbia

Success Story from British Columbia

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I know u guys haven't seen me on here for awhile. It is because I met the woman I truly love here. You may or may not know her as capricorn1. We have been an item since last March and are deeply in Love. We need to thank you Graham and your partners for giving us the opportunity to meet on your site. This is the most awesome feeling I have had in my life to find true love at 58 and to all you people that haven't found the perfect match yet be patient. I remember being here with some very special people that helped me through some hard times when I first joined this site a few years back and I think  there was only about 10 of us canucks on the site then. Anyway we will pull our profiles by the weekend and wish everyone on here the best of luck in love.



Hi to all who join this 50plus-Club to find love and a partner for life. I can tell you all that it can happen, this is the man I fell in love with ... and it began with "Hello", many nights on messenger, phone calls and getting together and realizing that we have so much in common and enjoy being together. All who join: I can tell you the right person is out there for you ... waiting for you ... don't give up.

Contractor, I love you ...


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Hi, Contractor and Capricorn1!
I'm so pleased to hear your story.  I'm the person who wrote the other testimonial listed on this page.  I'm also in BC and so is my new partner.  Like you two, we have found each other.  Not to say there weren't a few little bumps in the road such as wondering what the heck we were getting into, but in the end it has worked out very fine and we're both in for the long haul.  After a bad end to a 30-year marriage I thought there was nothing desireable about me.  Who on earth would want to hook up with a sixty-year-old woman who is on the second hand shelf?  Well, someone was interested.  We're very happy together and I'm happy that you two are as well.  There's nothing that says you have to close up shop just because you're getting older.  None of us have a switch that flips into "off" mode just because we're past our prime.  So be happy, you two.  I wish you the very best for the future.  You deservie it.