Frequently Asked Questions

  • Membership

    1. Our Basic Membership is free of charge. There are no fees involved unless you decide to upgrade to a Premium Membership. As a Basic Member you can contact Premium Members (with a "premium" badge) and reply to incoming messages. You can also send "send a smile" to all members, use the chat and post in the various forums. For unlimited access (contacts) a Premium Membership is required.

    2. As a Premium Member, you have unlimited access and the following benefits:

      • On average, 35x more contact requests! Premium members appear at the top of the search lists and thanks to the Premium badge, they will get significantly more attention!
      • Exchange unlimited messages!
      • Basic members can also send messages for free and without limitations!
      • You can see who has viewed your profile!
      • Find out who has saved you as a favorite!
      • Unrestricted use of private chat!
      • Unlimited posting and commenting in forums and blogs!
      • Access to expanded search!
      • Send messages to multiple recipients!
      • Enjoy numerous additional features completely unrestricted!

      Premium Members have a "premium" badge. For more information please click here.

    3. You can choose from the following payment methods:

      • credit card (VISA and MasterCard)
      • PayPal

    4. The option to change the term of your subscription you can find under the menu item "My Profile => Settings" in the "Membership Status" section.

    5. You can cancel your Premium Membership subscription at any time, under "My Profile => Settings". Cancellations take immediate effect. If you cancel your subscription, you will have Premium Member access until the end of your subscription period. You can check the remaining validity period of your Premium Membership at any time under "My Profile => Settings".

  • My Profile

    1. You can edit your profile at any time and as often as you like. Simply go to "My Profile => Edit profile".
      Our tip: Update your profile regulary, to get listed at the top of all search results before other members!

    2. Yes, your chances will improve significantly! Profiles with a photo have much higher click rates and get up to 35 times more contact requests.

    3. You can upload your photo under "My Profile => My Photo". It is really easy, please make sure to give it a try! Alternatively, You can send us your photo by email to and we'll add it to your profile for you. Please don't forget to include your username. This service is for free.

      Please note that all profile photos must clearly show your face. Pictures of your car, motorcycle or pet will be deleted. (You can add those photos to your personal "Gallery".)

      Nude photographs or photos that are offensive in nature (including nudity, violence, sexual acts, or sexually provocative images)or infringe upon copyrights of other parties will be immediately deleted. Violating these rules will result result in termination of your membership.

    4. If you send us your photo by email, we will add it to your profile within 3-5 work days after receiving it.

    5. Yes, you have your personal "Gallery" for your photos and videos, with a total of 10 MB of storage space. You'll find it under "My Profile => My Gallery".

    6. You can change your password at any time under "My Profile => Settings".

      For security reasons only we can change your username for you. Please send us the new username you'd like to use to Please make sure that your new username is at least 6 characters long and only contains letters and numbers. We will inform you as soon as we have made the change.

    7. You'll get listed in the "Top 12" if you

      • are a Premium Member.
      • have a complete profile and login often.
      • are one of the members with the most clicks on a given day.

      The counter is reset to zero each night and starts again the next day.

  • My Mailbox

    1. When someone responds to your profile ad, a corresponding notification will be automatically sent to your personal Email address. You can then call up the message yourself by logging in to the 50plus-Club with your login data and then clicking "My Mailbox => Inbox" in the menu bar on the left.

    2. No, you don't need to provide that information again. Your username is also automatically displayed to the recipient of your Email as the sender of the Email. In addition, your photo, if available, as well as a link to your profile are also transmitted to the recipient.

    3. In your outbox, you will find a symbol in front of each message which shows you whether your message has been received, read and/or answered.

    4. Please first take a look at the "Tips and Tricks" on this subject under the menu item "Service". In addition, you should be sure to recheck whether you correctly entered your Email address. To do so, just log in to the 50plus-Club with your login data and then click "My Profile => Change profile" in the menu bar on the left. Your Email address will appear as you entered it in the corresponding field.

    5. First of all, you shouldn't just give up right away. The persons whom you contacted may have received many messages and couldn't reply to all of them right away. Perhaps some of them don't have regular access to the Internet. Please be patient for a while. If you still don't receive a response for some time, then just try again. By the way, the Activity Index of a member shows you how active a member is in the 50plus-Club.

  • Search

    1. Please try entering only the first 1-3 digits of your postal code. Then all profiles will be displayed with cities which begin with this postal code. Significantly more entries should be shown from your area.

    2. To give you a better impression of our members, we have recently introduced the so-called Activity Index. Stars are displayed to you in the profile view of the members which are awarded according to the following criteria:

      1. The member's entry is at least 75% complete.
      2. The member is a Premium Member.
      3. The member has logged in at least 3 times during the last 30 days. Only one log-in per day is counted.
      4. The member's profile was called-up at least 100 times during the last 30 days.
      5. At least 75% of the incoming Emails were answered during the last 30 days.

      A member can achieve up to 5 stars. You can expect that the more stars a member has, the higher the probability that his/her profile entry is earnest and that you will receive a reply from him/her.
      Conversely, this means, of course, that other members will pay particular attention to your profile entry only if you have collected as many stars as possible.

  • Technical Requirements

    1. To be able to optimally use the 50plus-Club, you should use one of the folowing browsers:

      • Internet Explorer: Version 9.0 and higher
      • Firefox: Current Versions
      • Chrome: Current Versions
      • Safari: Version 7.0 and higher

      Other standard browsers should also function correctly, but we don't test them.

      In addition, it is essential that Javascript and cookie acceptance are activated in your browser settings. You can find these settings, for example, in Microsoft Internet Explorer under "Extras => Internet Options => Security => Standard Level (medium-high)" or in Firefox under "Extras => Settings => Data Protection => Cookies" or "Extras => Settings => Content".

    2. If you have difficulties in navigating within 50plus-Club or in making changes, this is caused, in most cases, by your browser or you local Internet connection. Please try to solve the problem with one or more of the following problem-solving suggestions:

      If you use Internet Explorer (Windows):

      a) Empty the cache of the browswer and delete the cookies:

      1. Open the menu "Extras" and select "Internet Options".
      2. Click the register tab "General", if this has not already been selected.
      3. Look for the "Browser History" section and click "Delete".
      4. Click "Delete files" in the "Temporary Internet Files" section. Click "yes", if needed, in the pop-up window.
      5. Click "Delete cookies" in the "Cookies" section. Click "yes", if needed, in the pop-up window.

      b) Be sure that JavaScript is activated in your browser:

      1. Open the menu Extras and select Internet Options.
      2. Click Internet in the register tab Security.
      3. Select the level "medium-high" under "Security Level of this Zone" ,
      4. Click OK.

      c) Add your 50plus-Club domain as a secure web site:

      1. Open the menu Extras and select Internet Options.
      2. Click in the register tab Security on Secure Web Sites and then the button Sites.
      3. Enter "" in the field "Add this web site to the zone".
      4. Be sure that the control box next to "A server check is required for sites of this zone (https:)" is deactivated and click Add.
      5. Click Close.
      6. Click OK.

      If you use Mozilla Firefox (Windows):

      a) Empty the cache of the browser and delete the cookies:

      1. Open the menu "Extras > Settings" and select the symbol "Data Protection".
      2. Click the button "Delete now" in the "Private Data" section.
      3. Be sure that the control boxes "Cache" and "Cookies" are activated.
      4. Click "Delete private data now".

      b) Be sure that JavaScript is activated in your browser:

      1. Open the menu Extras > Settings and select the symbol Content.
      2. Be sure that the control boxes "Activate JavaScript" and "Activate Java" are activated.
      3. Click OK.

      c) Add your 50plus-Club domain as a secure web site:

      1. Open the menu Extras > Settings and select the symbol Data Protection.
      2. Click the button Exceptions in the Cookies section.
      3. Enter "50plus-club.xx" in the field "Web Site Address" ("xx" is where your domain country code stands like "", "ie", "ca" or "com").
      4. Click Allow.

      Notice: The above listed instructions are valid for the Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 20.0 browser versions. If you are unable to carry out the recommended actions with the above instructions, please refer to the Online Help of your browser or update your browser software.


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