Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Simple  Spring Cleaning Tips

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As the days grow longer and warmer, the spring sun begins casting its rays upon the dust bunnies lingering under our sofas.


Spring cleaning can be hard work! Decluttering the home, scrubbing out old stains, and dusting surfaces are rarely easy tasks. By following a few pointers, however, you can increase the effectiveness of your seasonal tidying, resulting in visible improvements that will last for months to come.



Plan Window-Washing Around the Weather


Many of us mistakenly clean our windows in direct sunlight, hoping to illuminate the dirt and grime we’re seeking to clean. Doing so, however, might actually cause your window cleanser to dry before you have the chance to wipe it off, resulting in unsightly streaking. Instead, clean on a slightly overcast day and begin on the shady side of your home. Use horizontal strokes on one side of your window and vertical strokes on the opposite side. By doing so, you’ll be more easily able to identify which side of your window still has grime on it.


Consider scheduling your other spring cleaning tasks around the weather, too. Dusting, for instance, can be most effectively accomplished on sunny days. Mild, sunny weather is ideal for outdoor tasks. Creating a flexible spring cleaning plan will allow you to tailor your activities more effectively to the weather.



Fluff Up Rug and Carpet Depressions


When moving your furniture around, you’ll likely discover pesky indentations left by the legs of chairs and wardrobes. If you own an iron with a “steam burst” function, you can use this to quickly remove these imprints from your carpet. Simply hold your iron over the indented area, use the steam burst a few times, and then fluff up the carpet with a brush. If you don’t have an iron with this setting, set an ice cube on the indented area and allow it to melt. Doing so will cause the fabric fibers to expand, returning them to their original shape and restoring the appearance of your carpet.



Pop Things in the Dishwasher


Your dishwasher can be used to clean so much more than just bowls and silverware! Speed up the cleaning process by throwing other items into your dishwasher, too. Sponges and cleaning brushes, for instance, can easily be disinfected in the dishwasher. Most soap dishes, toothbrush holders, dish racks, makeup brushes, contact lens cases, and cup holders are dishwasher-safe, too. Plastic and silicone toys, both for children and pets, can often be cleaned more efficiently in this way as well. Avoid soap and bubbles by using your dishwasher whenever possible!



Tend to Your Mattress


Most of us change our bedding on a regular basis. The cleanliness of our mattresses, however, is something we tend to neglect! Using the crevice or upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner, clean the surface of your mattress. Afterwards, scrub out remaining stains with soap or a carpet and upholstery cleaner. Allow your mattress to dry before sanitizing it with Lysol or a similar disinfectant spray. Afterwards, your mattress will be as good as new!



Clean Out Crumbs & Crud


Crumbs and grime can easily get trapped in tight, hard-to-reach places. When was the last time you cleaned the crumbs out of your toaster or knife block, for instance? Those who possess vacuum cleaners with crevice tools can use these to effectively clean out these narrow nooks and crannies. If your vacuum cleaner proves ineffective, a hair dryer may be able to blow crumbs and dust out of unreachable spots. For crusted-in dirt and grime, consider using pipe cleaners or old toothbrushes to swipe away debris.



Double-Down on Dusting


Pet hair and dust can be tacked with more than just your vacuum! Rubbing down your furniture and carpets with a wet pair of rubber gloves, for instance, is a fast an effective way of pulling fur out of fabric. Lint rollers can be used to quickly and effectively remove dust and lint from lampshades, throw pillows, curtains, rugs, and drawer interiors. For a more affordable way to clean electronics, blinds, fans, and furniture, simply rub dryer sheets over the dust-covered surfaces. These simple tools can also be used to speed up your weekly cleaning routine.



In Conclusion:


When spring cleaning, it can be easy to forget certain tasks. Before you get started, search Google to find a cleaning checklist that meets your needs. Printing out such a list will ensure that you’ll remember chores like cleaning your baseboards and repairing cracks in your driveway. Consider reserving at least one day for each room of your home. By setting attainable goals and chipping away at each task, your seasonal cleaning will soon be complete!



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