Kayaking - The Joy of Paddling

Kayaking - The Joy of Paddling

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Do you feel that your stamina and endurance have taken a bad hit after all these years of work and no play? Do you want to make your body feel energised and resilient once again this summer? If your answer is a resounding yes to one or both of these questions, then kayaking would be the ideal sporty solution for you!


What is Kayaking?

Kayaking involves driving a kayak, smaller version of a canoe, down waterfalls, weirs and oceans. A person sitting in a kayak uses a paddle to drive it through water. There are many forms of kayaks such as whitewater kayak, sprint kayak, fishing kayak, etc. depending on a kayak's make, design, purpose and sitting capacity. Performance and robustness also play an important role in the classification of kayaks.


Why is Kayaking the perfect summer sport for you?

Kayaking has long been one of the most popular and sought after summer sports. Not only does it involve fun, frolic and thrill in water, it also has some amazing health benefits in store for you, which have been discussed in detail ahead. Don't worry even if you have no prior experience with kayaking, there are hundreds of coaches out there who would excitedly introduce you to this sport and would patiently help you develop the requisite skills through practice.


How can Kayaking transform/ improve the current state of your health?


Reduction of stress

The most immediate health benefit of kayaking is reduction in mental stress. Any fun-filled sport such as kayaking helps the mind shut out worries and welcome pleasure and happiness. Kayaking requires the participants to practice focusing on the water and surroundings, and this results in decreased attention towards work and life pressures. Stress-reduction helps in elevating happiness levels, and keeps the body and mind feeling more positive towards life.


Increased cardiovascular endurance

The next most apparent health benefit of kayaking is increased cardiovascular endurance. Kayaking involves a lot of paddling, which is akin to jogging or cycling in terms of effects. This particular activity does wonders to your body's endurance levels, and helps you put off all that fatigue and lethargy that you gained over the past two decades.


Impressive muscle toning

The third most prominent benefit is the one which is the primary reason why most people choose kayaking over other summer sport options. It is muscle toning. Rigorous paddling impressively tones the upper body muscles and brings back the lost vigour and charm. It also tones and exercises certain lower body muscles and helps them feel more strong and flexible. You can say good bye to all your muscle stiffness worries and flexibility related issues once you get started with kayaking!


Weight reduction

Last but definitely not the least, kayaking helps amazingly with weight loss. An average person burns 300 calories if he/ she is paddling at a moderate speed for 50-60 minutes. Choosing kayaking means that you will be able to healthily bid goodbye to all those extra pounds that you gained over the past few decades and look like your gorgeous younger self once again!


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