How To Open Your Creativity

How To Open Your Creativity

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Everyone has heard of writer's block but you may not know that being "blocked" creatively can happen to anyone. It can happen when your mind is busy with life's details and you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it happens and you simply feel stuck. Solutions to problems are hard to find or you feel like you are in a rut. Whether you need to grease the wheels for work or whether you are a creative person who needs a jumpstart, the following tips can work for you.



Morning Pages

Julia Cameron, the author of "The Artist's Way," wrote that people of all types can access their creativity by nurturing it. One of her central suggestions is to write "morning pages" daily. Cameron suggest that writing three pages when you first wake up is a way to "dump" what you don't need and prime your mind for a creative day. She also recommends that you take yourself out on an "artist's date" each week as a source of inspiration. Visit a museum or attend a concert and see how the art of others can help stir the pot.



Any activity that exercises the mind and feeds your brain are positive but puzzles can help you think outside the box. Crossword puzzles and box puzzles force you to work with possibilities and sometimes work against your own instinct. This kind of brain workout can take your mind off your project while training it to be open to new options.



Stress and tension are creativity killers. Your mind needs space and quiet to let ideas percolate. Find a calm spot for a cup of tea and practice deep breathing. Sometimes you need to walk away from a project for a few days. You will return to it with a new, refreshed perspective.


Be Compassionate

Give yourself a break. Sometimes when we are confronted with challenges, we freeze. If you find yourself in a negative cycle and hear a voice saying "I can't," turn off that voice. Tell yourself to simply give the challenge a try. You don't need to be perfect or even succeed. You will still learn something along the way.


Shake It Up

Get out and explore. Artists need fuel to feed their creativity and give them material they can respond to. Read widely and try new genres that experiment with style and substance. Read authors from around the world. Try an activity you haven't tried before, like scuba diving or square dancing. Visit a psychic or meet up with other artists. Every new experience will give you fodder for your chosen art.


Name It To Tame It

If you can't move forward with your work and you literally feel like banging your head on your desk, you can work yourself into a panic. Walk away from your work and have a conversation with yourself. Name your anxiety. Are you worried that the work isn't original or isn't good enough? Once you can name the source your anxiety, tell yourself that doing the work itself is the important part. Then you can get back to work.

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I have found this article really interesting and helpful... there are times when i sit down to create and the juices just dont work.. im going to trysome of the suggestions ... thanks Ed x