Follow these 7 easy fitness tips to get in shape for the summer

Follow these 7 easy fitness tips to get in shape for the summer

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The winter with its festivities is an excuse for most of us to eat, drink and be merry; often over-indulging to the point of gluttony. Come the spring however, reality takes a firm grip as the realisation dawns that we need to take affirmative action to arrest our lack of fitness. Within this article, we aim to provide you some easy to follow tips so you can get in shape for the summer.




1) Cut down (or cut out) the booze: Alcoholic drinks contain a surprising amount of calories, as well as being responsible for keeping you in bed with a sore head when you should be working on your fitness. A completely dry January is ideal, but if social engagements mean that you must drink; do so as irregularly and moderately as possible - this will set you up for a sensible year ahead.


2) Make a healthy substitution to your regular meal: Even something as simple as swapping your takeaway on a Friday night for something home-cooked is a start towards better health. There are a huge array of online suggestions that can turn a regular dinner into an even healthier meal, without compromising on taste.


3) Become more active: It might sound simple but - even with healthy eating and drinking - your fitness will not improve unless you are actively exercising. Joining a gym is optimum (equipment to work every part of your body is at your fingertips), but even a jog or a big bile ride around a local park is a calorie-burning start. If you're feeling particularly wary about beginning your fitness regime, a brisk walk is the ideal way to ease yourself into the active lifestyle.


4) Get a fitness buddy: When there are two of you both aiming for the same fitness goal, results are often much better. Fitness timetables are much more likely to be adhered to (you are less likely to not turn up to the gym if there is a possibility of letting a fitness partner down) and there is always someone in a similar situation to bounce ideas off. Actually you can look for a fitness buddy right here (bitte zu (signup?) verlinken) in 50plus-Club.


5) Keep track of your progress: It is a good idea to keep track of not only the days that you have exercised, but also any improvements that you have seen (weight-loss, improved times when running, etc). This will let you see that your hard work is paying dividends and producing tangible results.


6) Treat yourself: No-one can be expected to simply cut out all bad habits in one fell swoop. Trying to do too much, too soon is a recipe for disaster and a sure-fire way to see yourself swiftly regress. Instead, put aside a set day (or weekend) in the not-too-distant future for you to relax, unwind and do all the unhealthy things that you've been abstaining from!


7) Try to have fun: It is easier said than done (especially at the end of an arduous jog) but, like most activities, making exercise and healthy eating enjoyable will increase the likelihood of your 'sticking at' the tasks long after the new year has been rung in. Try and incorporate games into your exercise routines; and try out new and exciting healthy recipes to keep your meals interesting.


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