10 Reasons To Drink More Water

10 Reasons To Drink More Water

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Our bodies need water in order to function properly and stay active throughout the day. It keeps us hydrated, helps us avoid headaches and enables our muscles to work effectively. As we go about our lives we continuously lose water, this is through our waste products, evaporation from the skin and even breathing. Ensuring your intake exceeds this loss is vital to maintain a healthily balanced body, one that looks good and feels great. Here are ten reasons why we should all consider upping our intake of this refreshingly natural drink.


1. It is the healthiest choice

Although every drink contains water, most other beverages also have added ingredients like sugar or preservatives. Too much sugar can cause tooth decay as well as weight gain and additives have no nutritional value.


2. Water helps to flush any impurities out of your system

Water flushes through your system and helps you avoid health problems. This is especially true of kidney stones and urinary tract infections which can take hold when you are dehydrated. With a high regular intake of water, you can assist the natural cleansing processes of your body, washing away toxins before they can become built up. Water also lets your body dissolve food in the digestive tract, meaning it can pass through smoothly.


3. After drinking water you will feel fuller for longer

As the signals are controlled by the same area of your brain, when you're thirsty it can feel like hunger. That's why many dieticians recommend drinking a glass of pure water to keep the hunger pangs at bay - or even before a meal if you'd like to eat less.


4. A cost effective way of quenching your thirst

Although many people like to filter their water, it is readily available and completely safe to drink straight from the tap. Even if you buy a treatment system for your home, using a recyclable bottle and refilling it with your filtered water is far cheaper than buying a daily can or carton.


5. Avoid straining your muscles by keeping them lubricated

The chemical reactions that occur within our muscles during any kind of exercise are fuelled by water. When your body is properly lubricated it is capable of achieving more without suffering as a result. You can walk further, swim that bit faster and be more active in general with less chance of experiencing a sprain later on.


6. Boost your brain power by adding water

The human brain is made up of 85% water; therefore it needs a constant and generous supply of fluids to be productive. When your brain is fully nourished it will enable you to think and act far more quickly.


7. Improve the look and feel of your skin

Your skin is an organ which is made up of cells and these mainly consist of water. If you are lacking in hydration it will soon become visible in your face, your skin will be dry, flaky and possibly even itch. Your skin is especially vulnerable because if there is a shortage, our bodies will always divert fluids to the vital organs first, leaving the skin till last.


8. You can combine it with other ingredients for extra zing

When you are craving sweetness, try adding some lemon juice or a small amount of squeezed orange to satisfy your taste buds.


9. Banish the bloat in your tummy

As they are full of bubbles, carbonated drinks can make our stomachs feel stretched or uncomfortably bloated. Tea and coffee can also irritate your digestive tract as they are high in acid. The solution is to swap your usual drink for a glass of water; you'll feel better inside and also enjoy a calmer, flatter stomach.


10. It's guilt free!

Water is the only fluid that you can consume freely without having to worry about the calorific content or artificial ingredients.


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