5 Tips on Cooking for Two

5 Tips on Cooking for Two

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If you're used to cooking for a crowd, it's hard to adjust to cooking for only two people. It's nice to know that many of your favorite recipes can be portioned out for two people, and you can freeze as many extra portions as necessary. There are also many meals that can be made for two people without any freezing at all.

Here are five tips on how cooking for two may be easier than you thought:


1) Mix up some meatballs

It's not easy to make a spaghetti and meatball dinner for two without a ton of leftovers. If you want to cook up a big batch of pasta sauce and meatballs, freeze the extra sauce and meatballs in separate containers.

You also can turn your frozen meatballs into Swedish meatballs by heating them up in beef gravy and stirring in a touch of sour cream at the end of the cooking time. Serve over egg noodles for a totally different and delicious meal.


2) Try turkey for two

If you crave a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings, you have two choices. You can cook a large turkey, and freeze separate dinners for later. You can skip buying a whole turkey, and instead buy a turkey breast, legs or thighs, and roast your turkey parts in the oven until done.

Use frozen vegetables for your sides. They are easy to prepare and frozen at the peak of taste and texture. Also, you can choose to cook the exact amount of green beans or peas you know you'll consume in one sitting. Packaged stuffing mixes yield a modest amount of stuffing, and even jellied cranberry sauce comes in a very small can.


3) Cook for four

If you are careful about how you heat up leftovers, they can taste as fresh as if they just came out of the oven. That's why many twosomes choose to cook a standard meal for four people, split it into two portions, and eat both portions in the same week, so no freezing is necessary.

Enjoy half your meal for four on Monday, and then reheat the leftovers on Wednesday or Thursday. One of the reasons people dislike leftovers is that they don't want to eat the same foods two days in a row. By skipping a few days, that problem is solved, and your leftovers won't bore anyone's taste buds by overuse.


4) Cut the recipe in half

The ingredients in many recipes can be halved without worry. Soups, pasta sauces, lasagna and stuffed peppers are just some of the recipes that can be reduced without changing the taste. Many Internet recipes give you the option to choose how many people you are serving and will automatically calculate the ingredients to accommodate that number.


5) Delight in deli meats

Ask your deli man to slice ham, turkey or roast beef into thick slices, and you can transform these meats into delicious meals for two. Thick-sliced turkey can be heated up in canned or jarred gravy, and so can roast beef. Serve over bread for open-faced sandwiches or as is with your choice of sides. Ham can be cubed and used for ham and potato casserole or any casserole or soup that requires ham as an ingredient.


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