What's the Best Time of the Day To Have Sex? We Asked the Experts

What's the Best Time of the Day To Have Sex? We Asked the Experts

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What could be more enjoyable than having fun under the covers! However, one must be in the right mood for it. Given the daily constraints that assail us, it is not always easy to find the suitable moment to fully enjoy this enchanted interlude. Not to mention that partners may have different biological rhythms. So how do you find the optimal time to indulge in amorous escapades? Is there objectively an ideal moment? A brief analysis in this article!



Sex: a source of well-being at any time!


It cannot be emphasized enough that making love contributes significantly to our physical and mental well-being. The hormones released during sexual activity have very positive effects. First and foremost, on the psychological level, as they trigger a profound sense of fulfillment, especially serotonin, and act as an antidepressant. Physical contact brings a sense of security. The feeling of being loved and desired is a great source of comfort and happiness. Bedroom sports also have a very positive impact on the body: they improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risks of breast and prostate cancer. They boost our immune defenses by 30% through increased immunoglobulin A (antibodies that oppose infection by pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, or viruses). Finally, according to a German study conducted by researchers at the University of Munster, sex may alleviate certain chronic pains! 60% of migraines before lovemaking would disappear during the act, due to the secretion of endorphins, which have analgesic properties.

However, while some believe there is no specific time for intimate cuddling, others realize that their libido is subject to fluctuations induced by their biological rhythm...



Love in the evening: a particularly relaxing ritual


Those who are reluctant to engage in morning sex are not uncommon: some people need time to wake up and prefer to stay in their own bubble. Before coffee, being approached or touched is out of the question! For others, a sleeping body, bad breath, the imprint of the pillow on the face, or tousled hair are far from arousing their libido! On the other hand, the early morning wake-up during the week, which promptly pushes us towards the shower before heading to work, is often not conducive to sexual activity, even for a quickie :-)

Engaging in lovemaking in the evening, on the other hand, represents a relaxing ritual that allows us to forget the worries of the day and fully relax to find sleep and have a restful night. In a recent study conducted by the company Emma - The Sleep Company, 7 out of 10 participants reported sleeping better after having sexual intercourse. According to Dr. Verena Senn, a neurobiologist, this phenomenon is directly related to hormones: "Sexual activity promotes the production of important hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin, which provide a sense of pleasure and relaxation. At the same time, the level of cortisol - the stress hormone - decreases, making falling asleep easier." Therefore, making love would be ideal for quickly falling into the arms of Morpheus! On the other hand, getting closer in the evening is a given for many. It's time for decompression. The day is behind us, and the desire to let go and indulge ourselves is multiplied...



And what if morning sex was the best?


That's what emerges from a survey conducted by Forza Supplement among 1000 active individuals: according to the participants, the best time falls between 6 AM and 9 AM, to be precise, 7:30 AM would be ideal. Scientists emphasize the importance of chronobiology to explain this. It is at this time that men's sex hormones are more released, and women reach a relatively high level of estrogen. Making love in the morning seems ideal because we are rested, relaxed; the body has regained its strength. In contrast to the evening when one can be tired and stressed. Morning sex is often spontaneous and opposes a routine act, which is often synonymous with a mood killer. We are languid; we appear without pretense. The bodies already emit an inspiring warmth. Being half asleep, not yet fully conscious of the outside world, can help us let go, act as a disinhibitor. All our senses are awakened! It is a moment of ultimate shared intimacy. In any case, what could be more motivating than starting the day with a big cuddle? Have we found anything better to put us in a good mood and gather energy? Thanks to endorphins, those happiness hormones released during the act, which get us off to a good start! and maybe even consider the day from a different perspective. A disagreement with a difficult colleague or client? Just think back to that moment of intimacy to put things into perspective!

And if everyone has found their ideal moment, we can only hope it is also the same for their partner! While it is not always easy to synchronize desires, the most important thing is to find and strive to free up time slots that suit each individual while trying to maintain as much spontaneity as possible!

Tell us everything, do you have a favorite moment during the day for a naughty cuddle? Your testimonials interest us!



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