What Makes a Man Sexy? Women Prefer These Attributes

What Makes a Man Sexy? Women Prefer These Attributes

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Variety is the spice of life. It the same with different tastes. If some women like men who are strong-built, others prefer them thin. If some women like hairy men, others prefer them hairless, and so on. While opinions may be divided, certain trends emerge: most women are attracted to symbols of virility, to a "powerful masculine energy." Many stereotypes exist, but are they true? Let's dig a little deeper.



Bearded or not?


Shaving is important for aesthetic reasons and is even required in professional settings. However, an unshaven face, especially with a few days' worth of beard, is very popular and attractive to women. As for fuller beards, women like to take care of them and run their hands through them. Also, well-groomed, and well-shaped thick eyebrows add a touch of charm to a man's gaze and expressiveness. They denote a masculine beauty of a raw, "primitive" type.



Body odor


Women are particularly sensitive to odors and are naturally attracted to a man who emits a pleasant scent, acting as sexual pheromones. This is the case with androgens present in male sweat. Some studies suggest that it is possible for women to detect the scent of male testosterone and that they may be more attracted to the scent of men with higher levels of testosterone.





It is true that most women like to go out with a well-dressed man. They like to be highlighted by the person they are with. Although they place more importance on the person than on the clothing, men in uniforms or suits are often the object of female fantasies.



Bad boys


As they age, "Bad Boys" are no longer really sought after by women, who now prefer gentlemen, responsible and mature men. If the bad boys brought some spice to their earlier lives, as they age, their expectations have changed.



Beautiful men


Women like men who take care of themselves. In general, they need to feel protected. That is why they are generally more attracted to a man with the physique of a rugby player. However, overly bodybuilt men are not unanimous and can be regarded as superficial. Ladies also appreciate a “sculpted butt”, a charming look, nice teeth or nice smile. But according to surveys, women would give less importance to these things than men for whom a beautiful physique would be the first criterion. Fortunately for you, gentlemen, some women confess to preferring your love handles!



Humor, charisma and gallantry


Sometimes, making a woman laugh can ease tense situations and put shy women at ease. Gentlemen, you will definitely score points and charm them if you have a sense of humor. Especially if you show respect towards a lady. In the end, women mostly want a man who is attentive, and for that, there is no need for an athlete's body, or a bank account filled with money. The vast majority of women appreciate acts of chivalry, proof of a certain education, among other things. They prefer spontaneity, authenticity, and charm.



High social status


Some women claim to love men of power with high social status (although they are considered opportunists), especially for the charisma that these men radiate. Financial resources certainly have an attractive power, but for some women, power, and money are synonymous with arrogance. It is more the financial stability that reassures women. But this is not the only criterion: a man can also be reassuring through his protective behavior and self-confidence. Generally, women dream of a man who also possesses feminine values of listening, empathy, communication, and tenderness...



Other attractive masculine attributes


Full and plump lips are synonymous with absolute sensuality. Just like a deep and masculine voice, which is a symbol of virility and attraction. Low tones are produced by vocal cords subjected to high levels of testosterone, an essential hormone for libido. Women surveyed state that they are attracted to tall men, at least taller than themselves. Moreover, unlike women, whose grey hair is stigmatized in our society, grey temples, and hair are said to mark a man's charm, maturity, and experience.

A man's hands speak volumes about him, both in terms of his profession and his dedication to taking care of himself. Larger and more powerful hands are also associated with masculinity and represent a certain level of protection. Finally, men who wear glasses are sexy! They reveal a particular style.

Ladies, what do you think of these different masculine attributes? Which ones attract you the most? Gentlemen, you are also invited to give us your opinion.



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