Online Dating: 10 Signs you've found your soulmate

Online Dating: 10 Signs you've found your soulmate

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In the modern world of online dating, it can be harder than ever to figure out where we stand with our suitors. With text correspondences in particular, it can be challenging, if not impossible, to pick up on certain social cues and emotional signals. Despite the difficulties, online relationships develop in a manner similar to "real-life" partnerships.

Are you feeling as though your virtual affair might turn into something much greater? Skim our list to find out if your online flame might just be "the one" for you.


1.) You've both taken care of your unfinished business.

Before you can delve into your new relationship, it's important to reflect on your past liaisons. Neither you nor your crush can truly embrace your budding relationship if you find yourself secretly sighing over "the one that got away." Is any bitterness, lust, or confusion about your ex now a distant speck in your rear-view mirror? If so, your heart and mind are finally ready for love.


2.) Little things remind you of them throughout the day.

Do you secretly find yourself skimming the sports headlines, knowing that your lover is eagerly checking the scores, too? Do you find yourself smiling at a cactus on your co-worker's desk, just because your girlfriend's really into desert flora? If you find that you can't wait to share these little "I-was-thinking-of-you" moments with your partner, you may be headed towards true love. Seeing little flashes of your lover in the things you do each day is an excellent sign that you're developing deep feelings for your online crush.


3.) The conversation just keeps flowing.

With many online relationships, messages are brief, halting, or awkward. A conversation begins but may drop off after a few days. A promising relationship suddenly dissolves when your potential partner eagerly begins messaging another. This new relationship, however, is something entirely different. Receiving messages from him feels like getting letters from your best friend at summer camp. The words flow easily and you never need to force yourself to keep up the correspondence. Chatting with him or her is one of the highlights of your day.


4.) Even teasing is a little bit pleasing.

Most people cannot get away with teasing you. With him, however, it doesn't bother you at all. A cheeky remark that might once have made you slam your laptop closed now just makes you laugh. Nothing seems so irritating, especially since you know he really cares. You're certain that behind that joking façade there's an individual who respects you and deeply cares about your feelings. If you can laugh at yourself in your relationship, that's an excellent sign.


5.) A little tiff or compromise doesn't leave you bitter.

If you've been a member of the online dating world for long, chances are that you've encountered a number of "bad eggs." Manipulative, impulsive, and verbally abusive individuals are just a few of the many painful personalities you might meet in the dating world, both behind the screen and beyond it. Since entering this relationship, however, fighting has become a thing of the past. Making compromises is easier, because you two see eye-to-eye. Disagreements do happen, of course, but they are filled with far less drama than before. Simply put, issues between you two are easily resolved.


6.) Regarding the important things, you're on the same page.

With other online relationships, things got off to a faster start - you thought she was a knockout, or she was blown away by your good looks. Once you got past the initial lust, however, things fell apart. With this person, though, things are dramatically different. Sure, the physical dynamic might be a touch less explosive, but you two can relate to one another. Your core values are well-aligned and your goals for the future are similar. When it comes to matters of the heart and mind, you understand one another and respect each other's opinions. With this online romance, things just "click."


7.) You've shared your embarrassing quirks - and he's fine with them!

With your new online lover, you don't feel the need to apologize for who you are. Is he really into sci-fi flicks? You smile at his dorky enthusiasm. Does he find it cute, not horrifying, that you still collect Beanie Babies? If you finally feel free to be yourself around your crush, it's a good sign that you'll be able to share things with each other in the future, too.


8.) Your relationship is smooth sailing and drama-free.

Relationships that begin online are often stressful and difficult. Though distance may make the heart grow fonder, trust and communication are sometimes compromised due to living far apart. With your new partner, however, these things are rarely an issue. Your communication is upbeat and positive but also realistic. You are honest with one another and talk like best friends do. If your budding relationship can withstand the strains of online communication, you'll certainly manage well in the "real world," too.


9.) You're both ready to take the next step together.

Transforming a new relationship into a lasting love takes time, effort, and commitment. Most importantly, the two of you need to be on the same page about the future. Are you both planning to retire in 10 years? Good. Are you both interested in getting married? Perfect. If your long-term goals are grossly misaligned, it is unlikely that you'll both be content unless you're willing to make some sacrifices. If you can realistically plan for the future with your partner, that's an excellent sign.


10.) It simply feels right.

When it comes to serious relationships, it's ultimately best to trust your gut. With your ideal partner, doubts and fears will be at a minimum. The pieces seem to fall into place, and, despite your difficulties, your relationship challenges always manage to be resolved. If your heart, mind, and soul all agree that the relationship is right, they're most likely correct. It's very likely that you've finally found "the one."


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