Keeping the Passion Going After 50

Keeping the Passion Going After 50

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Keeping your relationship fresh after the age of 50 can certainly be a challenge. Whether you've been married to spouse for a number of decades or are facing the challenges of entering the dating world again, the dynamics of dating and romance can feel much different at this age. Though romance over 50 can seem intimidating, it needn't be so scary.

Are you looking to keep your love life fresh at 50 or older? Read on to learn our simple tips for building and maintaining loving relationships later in life.


1.) If you're single, rekindle old friendships and maintain new ones.

In this day and age, we're often told that internet dating is the only real way to connect with singles, particularly as we age. As such, many of us miss the opportunities that rest right beneath our noses. Many older adults have experienced great success in finding romantic partners within their local communities, particularly through interest groups and sports clubs. Build up new friendships through the organizations you join; you just might find that your feelings for a friend develop into something much more.

Additionally, older adults may benefit from reflecting upon the friendships and relationships from their pasts. Due to the internet and Skype, more and more seniors are finding it easier to reconnect with friends and lovers from their youths, allowing them to rekindle their friendships. If both you and your first love are now widowed or single, you just might find that the timing for your relationship is finally right.


2.) Consider reliving the past.

If your relationship has been established for many years, it is an unfortunate but practically inevitable truth that you've fallen into something of a rut. Your habits are entrenched, you visit the same places, and you do the same things, week after week.

Instead of doing the same things over and over again, consider reflecting on some of the most unique and memorable moments from your past. Did you and your partner travel to Egypt together 20 years ago? Consider booking a vacation and re-living the fantastic experience. Do you still smile when you look at your wedding picture? Perhaps you owe it to yourselves to have an elaborate, romantic renewal of your vows. If there's a moment from your past that you'd like to relive, stop daydreaming about it - go do it! Share these precious experiences today.


3.) Don't be afraid to visit the doctor.

Though it's difficult for us to discuss our sexual problems at any age, these issues can bring us even more embarrassment as we get older. Though you may find these things difficult to talk about, it is crucial that you talk to your doctor if you feel that you could benefit from medication or treatment. Women and men both experience tremendous sexual changes after the age of 50, many of which can ultimately lead to challenges in the bedroom. Just remember that your doctor truly has heard and seen it all before. You owe it to both yourself and your partner to take care of your body and mind. Doing so is always worth it in the end.


4.) Step outside of your comfort zone.

As we get older, many of us tend to pigeon-hole ourselves into boxes of what's "acceptable" to do at "our age." Forget about these limits, and remind yourself that age truly is just a number! One of the biggest challenges facing mature adults is the lack of playfulness in their relationships. Liven things up by going to an arcade or a nightclub. Run around "shooting" one another during a fun evening of laser tag. Book tickets to a loud concert or a raunchy comedy club performance, go mountain biking, or make an appointment to go up in a hot air balloon. Doing things that are fun and far outside of your comfort zone will make you feel truly young again and will add lasting excitement and passion to your relationship.


5.) Really stop to listen to each other.

Though getting out and about is crucial to relationships of all ages, some of the most important relationship-building experiences occur in the comfort of your own home. Consider sitting down and really talking to you partner. Instead of reading or watching TV, get out a 1,000-piece puzzle or a board game like Monopoly. While playing the game or working together, take the time to genuinely reconnect. Share stories about your week, fun memories from the past, and discuss the deeper issues that may be bothering you, too. By working together and stepping away from your usual solitary activities, you will strengthen your relationship and lead to enduring romance.


Though relationships can be tough at all ages, keeping your bond strong shouldn't have to be a struggle. Be sure to continually reconnect with your partner and reaffirm your feelings for one another. By doing so, you will be making your relationship healthier and increasing the likelihood that it will last for years to come.


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