Now the talk is of a 2nd referendum,
A bit soon to be thinking like that,
On the other hand a lot of legal PPL in UK,
have registered with law society here since 2016.
There MAY be trouble ahead,
But while there's chaos and uproar,
Lets pretend and play dead.
So We Have the big TV debate on Sunday,
It's getting a little nasty now, some are saying, No trade with Ireland,
unless Backstop removed, Maybe they need to remember who started this,
I dunno if i will see the debate, going out at that time,
I will be looking after homeless, much more Important.
Well after 2 yrs of talks,
We still dont know whats going on,
We Will, We Wont, We Will, We Wont,
Im on 12 xanax a day worrying about all this,
My Therapist wont even see me, Im at my wits end,
This is affecting me as bad as who shot JR, (whoever he is)
Cant we just toss a coin, No not a Euro coin, A Pound coin,
If the Backstop stays, then No Deal.
If the Backstop goes, just think of all those anti-inflamatories,
and the Tories are inflamed enuf, The PM is jetting around Europe handing out XMAS gifts, She will be in IRELAND 2moro, I hope she has something for me,
Maybe a 20yr membership to 50+, but if i died b4 it was used up,

Give it to me b4 the 22 committee vote no confidence.
Looks like she is staying, and Boris got a haircut all ready for the job,
He looked so like Quimby in the Simpsons, anyway we are back to square 1,
No Deal, no Brexit, no Boris, and no Corbyn, So whats the answer to all this,
Get Angela to run the country as she is leaving her other job soon,No everyone cried not Rippon, she can dance around the issues, Sure isint that whats happening all along.
Scrummy, ltnc my friend.
How about Trump move over there? lol.
Hey Taz, How U Man, I dont think big Don would
like it here, Sometimes it can get very Stormy, and the last storm he was in,
he caught amnesia and a new lawyer,
Well, we told ye, 50+ is more informed than the BBC, SKY. CNN, FOX,
and all the other fake news PPL, We even BS better than em,
and u can even meet a partner here, as long as ye dont
discuss current affairs ,religion, travel, pets, shopping etc,
but sport is acceptable, and sex is , well that depends.
Saturday Night Live, did a great sketch on Brexit called Happy Xmas Britain.
Matt Damon plays David Cameron, and Kate McKinnon plays Teresa May,
Its only 5 mins but very funny.
Matt Damon? really? lol one of the cat named after him :wink:
So now we will have the Commons vote in the new year,
and the PM says a second referendum would make the UK look weak,
Dunno why she thinks that cos her words FINAL, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT,
and THIS IS THE BEST DEAL, are all hot air so it seems,
Suppose the 2nd vote is still to leave, what then,

I Have it, Ive solved it, The EU can join the UK,
No Need to thank me PM, maybe i will be made a knight,
Arise Sir Scrummy.

No need to bow, im still one of the lads.
So now Corbyn is in trouble,
He says , he never said stupid woman,
he just was thinking out loud , must put wash on,
Poor Jeremy trying to keep a party together, wants to be PM,
and then do the laundry, his ambition knows no bounds,
Anyway J, after January there will be a lotta cleaning up to do.
Now Jacob Rees Mogg is at it, He wants brexit so bad,
and saying its an Irish problem,
Hello, we didnt vote on this, so dont blame us,
Not the Irish that created this mess, Ever heard of BSE (blame some1 else)
Btw, The name is an anagram of Becomes Jagger.

Sing with me Jacob,
Last day B4 New Yr, and no end in sight,
PM says EU should not have taken Xmas holidays,
cos there is still a lot to discuss, Maybe she means new resolutions,
like never promise what you cant deliver, and never give a contract to a freight cargo company with no boats , I think she needs a holiday,
(Corbyn says a permanent one), It will all work out in the coming 90 days,
and we will all be lovey dovey or what size hatchet do you take,

I See former member in someone's profile, AGAIN