What do you think of the new Windows 10?

I've only used it for a day and my pc has crashed a couple of times and restarted all by itself. Hopefully only a minor hiccup :(
Hi Jay. I upgraded at the weekend and it seems to be fine, once I realized all my docs and pics went into cloud storage! Easy to access though and doesn't fill up computer space!
There's another thread on this as well. I downloaded it one day and removed it the next. I use my computer mostly for work and Windows 10 did nothing for me but make everything harder.
Ask Stardaisy - she is our resident Win 10 expert. :lol:
My biggest problem (and a common one on Google) was the fact that my task bar items were cut off and because I communicate through work via Yahoo, I was stuck because I couldn't see any incoming messages  and I couldn't figure out how to adjust it or if it would even make a difference. I just figured by the time I got everything back to the way I wanted it, I might as well just stay with 7 Pro.
I had the same issue initially mustangsally but put my favorites bar on my desktop page and it was ok.
My problem was that it was cutting of my Yahoo  Messenger which I need for work. I couldn't see when a new message came in. I'm not sure if that solution would fix that or not. And my Opera browser didn't work which isn't Microsoft's fault.  It's still new. I'll probably try it again in a few months and see if it's any better.  I did figure out how to adjust my monitor and that might help too.
I've been using win10 for several months on my laptop without problem. Now that I have it on my desktop I'm having driver problems and internet problems...I'll  probably go back to win8
I have only seen W10 during a demo. My experience with Microsoft (MS) cautions me to wait. They are giving it away now, because they need a bigger pool of test beds to identify the bugs. Once they start charging for it, that's when 50% of the bugs will be identified and fixed. In other words, I believe a free upgrade from MS suggests that the current version is not a stable build. 

I just moved up from W7 to W8.1. Expect this version will remain available and supported for the 2 years. So no point in jumping ship. With MS, the next iteration is the stable product. I would wait from W10.1 or W10 Second Edition, or whatever it is that they will call it -- and start charging for it.
jayjay023 wrote: What do you think of the new Windows 10?

I've never used Win 10. That's because so far no one has paid me to use it...so I will wait. Probably forever. I'm on XP. I was running Win 7 on one machine, but it won't let me use 16-bit programs, so it's in the dumpster. Bah. They don't update XP. Boo-hoo, shock me why not. Microsoft philosophy. Bugs...what bugs? We don't much care. Bugs are good for business, in fact, they bring in a lot of money - billions and billions - because so many people want better. So we give them new bugs...which guarantees the next OS will sell...with even more bugs. Because so many people accept that strategy. And why have any degree of compatibility? That concept is so passé.

Reliability of Microsoft OS's...shudder. And...shudder again. The word reliability requires two shudders; one isn't enough.

Cloud storage...in my opinion, that's asking to lose all your files. How many people have lost files because they were not on their own drive(s)? And they had no idea where they were, other than "somewhere". It's like...my files are in Heaven...safe under God's all-knowing hand. So why worry. I say if God is Microsoft...worry. The future belongs to Alfred E Neuman, not Microsoft, but Microsoft is helping push the 'puters as Disneyland' theme. The Mickey Mouse parade of OSs! They've gotten it so very few people understand proper email, which is not webmail. Shudder again.

Sorry for the rant, though this is a mini- one compared to what I could do about Microsoft...they have upset me so very many times...I keep hoping they will end up bankrupt. That will not happen tomorrow, but may Linux succeed in flooshing them. Linux is free, by the way. And more and more millions of people are using it. Don't know why I'm not. Old dog, new trick...ehhhhhh. Let me think about that for a few years.
Well said, Rod! I got a laptop over Xmas with win 8.1 on it. Had to buy a large bottle of Pepto Bismol to keep me from vomiting. I gave the win 10 upgrade a whirl... cost me an entire CASE of pepto-bismol!

Reverted back to 8.1 just to use for play, as all I use it for is to watch movies while in dialysis.

My home PC runs Linux (Ubuntu). Never had issues with it. It simply does not ever give me grief and everything is GNU licensed (Free). I have to chuckle every time someone mentions they use or subscribe to anything that begins with an "I" ...suckers!

As for the "cloud" I couldn't agree with you more. I'll keep doing my backups on my own personal external drives that live with me in my house, thankyouverymuch.

Great rant, buddy! :)

Rod, DF, I think you both need to calm down and watch the blood pressure, I am told you can buy a Zen sandbox garden on Amazon to help with that. :lol:
putting linux on the second machine. They have no right to track what I do on my computer through windows, whichisi highly enhanced on 10 and reverts back to 7 aand 8 as well.

Not acceptable for that amount of tracking that is learned by those in the business on windows is my thought
Shonnid might I suggest Ubuntu or Mint rather than bare-bones Linux? Unless you've already made your choice, of course. Just a suggestion :)

Please read every word on the Window's 10 acceptance page(s) before downloading, then tell me if you want to upgrade. The key is Microsoft never gives anything away anything for free. Its the most invasion by a company I have ever seen, and most people don't even know they just signed their privacy rights away. I don't need anybody to follow me, read everything I type, turn on my microphone and listen,have the power to go through my personal files, in general invite an unknown party into my house. I would have never upgraded past XP but my computer died and I lost the XP disk. Remember the Trojan Horse of history, that didn't end well either.