Actually there was a member who had asked why do posts have a short life span or something along those lines. I cannot locate the post for the life of me but hope he happens to stumble upon mine. When I have posted my comments to posts already existing or that I am creating my own....I would think and hope that someone would run with the information and give their spin on it. This is why the forum offers so much diversity with many topics. I realize not everyone is on the same page in your thinking; but I do hope that the many thousands of people that join here, atleast some or half would have something to say about a topic. For the man who had asked this question why topics are not continued....people will only comment on things of interest to them like example: I am not going to comment about gardening....when I do not have a green thumb, I just skip over it because I know that others do have a green thumb and they can offer helpful tips.

Some of the topics are right up my alley and if I have something intelligent to say, I will put it out there for you to ingest. We cannot be diverse in every topic but the posts that are dear to me I would like to shed my perspective on them.

I always keep in mind that we are not always going to agree with each other's thinking and quite frankly we do not have to agree but what we do need to do is show the respect for one another that is what I feel is important when posting. We have to keep an open mind that we all do learn from one another whether we like to admit or not there is some piece of information that we can get out of it.