she came to me, a whisper
on an warm dark August wind
washed over my face
and through my hair
so gently it all began

"who is this?", i ask
and "how could this be?"
"is all of this happiness
meant just for me?"

"but please slow down
for i cannot see,
i've captured your soul
but there's something i need"

"is it too much to ask
to feel your skin?",
"to hear your voice
without the wind?"

"to feel the warmth
as i take your hand,
to drown in your eyes
with all that i am?"

as we bathed in the moon
that late August night,
our eyes fixed upon her
so silent,
so bright...
secrets were exchanged
without a touch,
her honesty poured through me;
..."i need you so much..."  

to look into her eyes
i had to close mine
so i promised myself
all in due time...
but the night grew darker
as i called out her name! 
her voice became distant
and the moon went away

the Heaven's ripped open
and down poured the rain
...and it all went away...
as quickly as it came

the secrets that were whispered
were mere flashes in life
like the lightning above me
that tattered the night
"for you were real"
in this special time
and when i needed to heal
"you were all mine"
Soft and gentle words fit for the emotions conveyed. It transported me into your head coaxing me to watch as you lamented the intangible.

Only problem: why blame it on the rain?
Amateurs always blame it on the rain, rainy. We don't know any better. :)
Made me think of a clandestine meeting in one of Savannah's cemeteries replete with soft moonlight upon ancient headstones, trees dripping from their spanish moss after a midnight rain shower and rusting black wrought iron...lovely wordsmithing Jay.
beautiful work
Thank you, ladies.

 And Miz, I am nowhere near the wordsmith as yourself, rainy, and some others here at the site. For me to even post this stuff in the midst of some of you lends itself more to bravery than talent.
Jaz beautifully written! Such elegance!
Thank you Pat, very kind of you to say so.
Jaz ~

You write beautifullly.  Consistently.  Wow.

Thank you, Susan, for the kind words.