Is your bucket list etched in your memory, or scribbled on a dozen post-it notes scattered around your home? Do you have couple of albums full of beautiful photos about the places already visited? Have you ever promised your friends an email full of your favourite spots, only to never get around to clicking send?

Starting today, you can share here your favourite or dream places with others. Must to admit I’m far from an experienced traveler but already visited lot of places covering the spectrum from relaxed and subdued to wild and rowdy.

Name of the favourite place: Rome
Why I chose it?: Plenty of „must see” sights, can’t get bored of it. Each time I go there it is an entirely different trip than the one before.

What made it so special?: I climbed to the Cupola of the Basilica and saw the panorama of Rome from that angle, sat at the Piazza Navona listening to my favourite music performed by street musicians. There is nothing more romantic than take a walk on Via Appia Antica’s cobblestones at sunset.

Name of the „dream” place: Barcelona
Why I think it’s worth to see?: I absolutely believe it is one of those places I need to visit at least once in my lifetime.
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Having traveled some over my life, I think everywhere has something beautiful to see. A favorite or dream trip would depend upon who you are with; sharing and enjoying together.

Have not been to Rome or Barcelona, but I have been to perhaps one of Europe's best kept secrets ... Budapest. Lots of people visit there but cities such as London, Paris, Rome, etc are usually what you hear about. Budapest has so much to see, amazing food, wonderful people and an amazing number of events.
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I love to travel but I have never had a bucket list as I don't like to have preconceptions about places I haven't visited. I also find it hard to pick a favourite as I have so many, mostly peaceful rural locations as I love the feeling of being close to nature, preferably near water, so a feeling a location gives me is more important than the visual aspect, so my first choice is a quiet jetty at Kamperland in the Netherlands on the opposite side of Lake Veere from the old town of Veere. It is a location known by few except the locals and there is rarely anyone else there when we visit, although there is a foot ferry in the height of summer. All you can hear are bird sounds and I make a habit of visiting there every time I travel to or through the Netherlands.
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Yep, that is Roman tech.
And let us never forget Bewdley. It has a lake and a restaurant :)
Many thanks for comments!
Well G1, lot of favourites too, next time I'm coming with small towns from Netherland too :D. Now I prepared the favourite/dream places below:

Name of the favourite place: Niagara Falls, Canada
Why I chose it?: The one of the world’s most breathtaking sights is close enough to Toronto to make a full day trip.
What made it so special?: Last time spent a great time with friends.

Name of the „dream” place: Plitvice, Croatia
Why I think it’s worth to see?: Plitvice Natural Park with lakes and falls is one of the UNESCO heritage places. Can be visited at any time of the year, because they change with every season. Autumn is perfect time as there aren’t many people around, and trees start changing colours. In winter, when everything is covered with snow, the waterfalls look like a scene from a fairy tale.
As I love the Rockies, there are many places there that I love going. Lake Louise is famous, the last town in Alberta before heading west on Transcanada, you can go horse back riding around L.L. to a tea house or hike up there. After you leave L.L. going west, you will find yourself at the Great Divide. That is at the summit of the mountain where it divide Alberta and B.C. where the water on the Alberta side will run east and on B.C. side it will run west.

Facing a Canadian winter, I vote for Barbados. It's incredibly appealing, from the interesting food, beautiful scenery, amazing beaches and friendly people to the consistently enjoyable temperatures, never too hot, with a gentle breeze.

Iceland is on my list, a late May, long evenings at a hot spring, volcanoes, heated sidewalks, it's a must see for me.

The Shetlands... ok, I watch far too much British TV, but there's something about islands that intrigue me.

And, of course we cannot forget Bewdley, All roads lead to Bewdley.
Apple, how can we forget Bewdley, unforgettable :D

As I promised here are 2 towns from Netherland:

Name of the favourite place: Gouda, Netherland
Why I chose it?: Actually it was a place of the project meeting and workshop (no, not cheese-making :D )
What made it so special?: Cheese market takes place every Thursday morning, from April through to August on the Market Square (dominated by the splendid Gothic town hall).

Name of the „dream” place: Keukenhof, Netherland
Why I think it’s worth to see?: It is the most beautiful spring garden in the world. Over 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths fill over 32 hectares with colour and fragrance, for eight weeks long. Walking along the paths between the flowerbeds and the trees or resting in the shadow of a tree, we can admire the wonderful plant compositions, which are inspired by the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh. The place will be open from 21 March - 19 May 2019.
Lake Lucern, Lucern, Switzerland. It is very romantic going for a boat ride in the evening with all the lights lite up, blow one of their horns, you know the long one? It is awesome to see those lights refection on the lake. A smooth ride too. It is a neutral country, they don't get involve with any wars, a very peaceful country :) .

Rideau Canal.jpg
Winter wonderland. Skating for about 10 km on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Museums, National Arts Centre, Parliament, Chateau Laurier, Byward Market with great food and music, and much more. All close by.
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You forgot the hot chocolate and beaver tails. The kiosks are already in place.
No beavers are harmed in the making of beaver tails. Or hot chocolate.
Walker22 wrote: No beavers are harmed in the making of beaver tails. Or hot chocolate.

You mean that hot chocolate are harm?
No cocoa beans are harmed. Beaver tails are mostly dough and sugar.