Ever wonder what those little bags are inside your pills and your health supplements are?  Ever wonder what they do?  

Wow I always throw them out, mind you never seen them in pill bottles ?  you learn something new everyday. good tip thanks  :)
Sally that is a great video. Like morton I throw them out also. I just googled it and they have them on Amazon for sale.

I saw this one a little while ago Bebeth,love watching hacks
I have been looking for something to replace that stuff called crystal rain, I can't buy it for love nor money here anymore
It's for putting in the soil or potting mix just before planting and it is super absorbent, which is great as you don't have to water as often or worry about the plants dying if you go away for a few days.. 
Maybe this would work,it would depend if the plants could extract the water from them..
Time to experiment
I had in desperation considered buying some baby nappies and tearing one open.
Who would have thought you could buy them?  I'm going to start collecting mine.

Has anyone come across any other things like this that we should know about?
I break up large pieces of polystyrene packaging and use it as drainage in the bottom of large flower pots. Works just as well as rocks and makes the pots lighter in case you want to move them :D