Hi all,

does anyone know if there is a Plug and Play Webcam for Windows 10 that is simply that, plug in and play? Want to use Skype

Some of the newer Logitech ones work with Windows 10 like the C920 or C922. C920 might be plug and play, the 922 needs software downloading because of all the enhanced features.
Some Antivirus will work, just need to navigate through your antivirus program to see if you have that set up. But if you don't depending on what type of webcam you are using.


The new Outlook/Hotmail beta has Skype where as Gmail has hangout. Can use Outlook to download Skype. or you can go to Skype and download the software.

Thanks Sarah,

I actually found a good one from Logitech, plug and play, 720p. But it works for my needs.