Unknown love

A heart can hurt when not in two
It aches and aches and aches for you
The tears I cry you’ll never see
I fake a smile and say that’s me

I’ll keep my feelings to myself
Another heart left on the shelf
It’s the only thing to do
If I can’t be loved by you

I hide my pain and all of that
I laugh and joke and join in chat
No one knows or even cares
No one to answer all my prayers

I’ll just sit and watch you play
As all my hopes they fade away
But one thing I wish it’s true
This feeling never comes for you.

been there, am there. Good stuff drift
ty walkerblue
wow DRIFTER.............I am at that point in life,,,when you are on top of the world everypne is your friend,, when things fade,,,, so do friends,,,sad..........there is someone special for you out there,, i just know it !!!!

always a friend BW x
Hi Drifter....Nice poem. I think many that visit this site can relate. I wish you the best and I'm sure happiness is on the horizon...
Lovely poem Paul ... think most of us have been in that place and time ... we are here now ... together
: )))) too share and leave that loneliness behind ... called friends : ) x
your poem touches the heart paul . I,ve been there . don't give up . you sound like a beautiful person .
ty trixibell ty bodhran glad you liked it x
We did ... you pulled many a heart string for us all : )
I am your friend Paul X
I am yours too humour so lovely to have met you x

A LOVELY LADY : ))))))))

You to Paul : )