I have a number of reasonably intelligent friends who struggle with computers. They have various other skills - they can drive, play musical instruments, cook, operate SLR cameras, build model railways, all or some of the above, but they don't have computers, because "I'm too stupid to use a computer."

"No," I tell them, "No, you're not. You just haven't learnt. I can't drive. I'm not stupid, I just haven't learnt. I can't play the piano. I'm not stupid. I just haven't learnt. I can't make a lemon meringue pie. I'm not stupid, I just haven't learnt."

"But I don't understand all the terminology."
"It's just jargon. I can't follow a knitting pattern. I can't operate an SLR camera. I can't follow cricket. I'm not stupid. I simply haven't learnt the jargon."

Then I point them to the stupidest remarks I can find on the internet - on a news site's comments page, on Twitter, wherever.
"Look at that. That person created an account with username and password, logged in, and posted a comment of complete imbecility. To do that they needed a computer. OK, it might have been with a smartphone or a tablet, but they are computers by another name. And you're saying you're more stupid than them, because they know how to do that and you don't?"

The assumption is that because computers have become so commonplace, most people know how to operate them, so anybody who never got around to learning must be stupid. But the same could be said about cars, yet none of my self-declared "stupid" friends tells me I'm stupid because I don't know how to drive.

I find this self deprecation really irritating. Is it just me, or does anybody else not know how to make a lemon meringue pie? :?
Hey Dave,,, you have a harley ?????? Just asking,,
No. That's very off topic!! :?
Or very subtle :| :|
Off topic,, story of my life. I apologize,, I am an old biker chick and your pic looks like you would have a motorcycle (uh oh,, stereotyping,, sorry).Anyways,,,,,please join us for "quiz" on Sunday, 1pm Arizona time. 25 questions (international), no prizes,, just recognition and it lasts about 45 minutes. And,,, if you do have a motorcycle, and it's not a harley, please do not disclose that to me,, totally kidding,, kinda............
I do, it isn't, and I'll happily meet in chat. I think it's partly the fault of this site for not facilitating even limited intros beyond smiles, e.g. 5 emails a day for non paying members, but I've noticed people going off topic in forum threads to chat - or squabble. If people are gonna do that, we might as well title all threads "Random chat." So if you start a forum thread, or write a blog, about motorbikes, I'll happily join in. NB I'm British. We make our own bikes! :lol: Although mine's German.
Black Widow - I found a bike thread. It's in Hobbies. Over to you!
Thank you,,,, still not a harley,,but it seems you are having a grand time.. Cool.. I will stop my bantering...
I don't get this fascination for Harleys. They're pre-war German bikes. During WWII, UK owners buried them in their garden. But sure, women like men who ride Harleys. Men who ride Harleys like men who ride Harleys, too. They dress as New York cops, Apache indians and steeplejacks, their anthem is YMCA and they join private clubs for men who ride Harleys. My favourite bikes weres British, a Triumph Bonneville and Trophy. Harleys are girl's bikes.
Can we please put the motorcycling stuff on the motorcycles thread? I know it says "in Northumberland" but it's still more on topic than a thread about people's attitude towards computers.