A would like to warn all on this forum, with a caveat.

Because many of you are either retired or soon to retire I’ve received the following information from a financial newsletter organization. They CLAIM to be quite well known and have a long list of successes on investments. At this point I don’t believe ANY of their claims until they come true. But the following is really a dire warning.

On October 20, or sometime just before, the IMF (Interntional Monetary Fund of the World Bank) will meet. This newsletter I have a FREE trial subscription to claims that China will likely have their Remindi currency classified as one of the Reserve Currencies. The effect of this is to immediately sink the value of the dollar by about 40% internationally. The reason for this is that China is backing their currency, unlike the US$, which is unbacked. I’ll assume most know what that means.

Please do your own due diligence on this. The more of us that are not victimized by the central banks, the better.
I do not pretend to understand economics. I've never studied it. But I do know that derivatives made the finance world crazy. It started to be The Twilight Zone. During the months that led up the 2008 financial crisis, companies were packaging garbage and selling it...then buying it back...without even realizing it. That was how nutty things were. More and more the U.S. economic system has become a huge ponzi. The money flows UP, seldom ever down, so it's more and more concentrated in a few hands.

Money is nowadays more and more detached from anything tangible or real. International competition (now become money wars, rather than cooperation) doesn't help. Add religion - the Saudis are trying to slam it to Iran - great. That's affecting the whole world. Until recently the Fed was printing money day and night - trillions - and providing most of it to the very institutions that are running what could be best described as casinos. They're not called bankers any more; nowadays they're more generally known as banksters. Any light of sanity in that system is hard to see.

I don't expect the U.S. dollar to continue being worth what it is now. I see the entire structure as a tower - poorly designed in the first place (it's never been based on rationality, but rather greed), very top-heavy these days, and increasingly unstable. Imagine a very big heavy structure atop a very tall, shaky tower. I don't mean building; just a tower. Those below don't get much.

Here's an interesting page. It shows the size of the U.S. national debt and many other figures. The debt is more than $21 trillion now, and rising fast.
http://www.usdebtclock.org/cbo-omb-gop- ... mates.html

Will the system crash, like it did in 1929 - or worse? Many experts think: yes. Bets are this year, next year...soon.

Rube Goldberg - famous for his cartoons featuring very complex and weird gizmos - would have been challenged to draw anything as complicated and crazy as the American money system. Other than that...I guess we'll all see.
1929 stock market crash - October 28, 1929 – October 29, 1929 (Dirty 30's began) so had to think of another way, it was oil and gas, well, will it last? soon the earth will run dry and got no more oil and gas, will it last in my life time? how long will it last? Well someone has to come up with something different to make money and get the economy going.

Will planes fly with out diesel? or Semis? Someone will invent another way to get around without using oil and gas, opps, what about heating our homes?

However, I am with you on this Rod.

It appear that China is going for the "Gold Rush".