How far can one go here? I could write a book. I know I have witnessed many illusions or delusions. I already want to back out of this one. I can say the only real thing that I wish would happen again was when my Granddad, of Preston UK, passed at 75 - it broke my heart. In northern Alberta as I walked down a dark street that night I felt his hand on my grab my shoulder -SCARED the H*ll out me. LOL . I could see him chuckling at me.
morton1 wrote: I posted a photo in my gallery would like to know what you think it is. click the photo to enlarge it, :shock:

 I so agree its a spirit, im sure for you these are truly treasured pictures,lucky you! After 32 years of working in acute care hospitals there is no doubt in my mind that  its very much a case of each of us being a vessel containing a spirit.There are many well documented cases of persons in danger of imminent unexpected death literally jumping out of their body and witnessing what was happening to their old self ,  from a different viewpoint..so why would we not want to continue to be a part of someone  we loved  after our own time has come.....Its a fascinating topic  that i have spent countless hours exploring over a lifetime ,always i might add with a prayerful attitude! Oh and i would not play with a Ouija Board for entertainment,not even if you paid me...
In 1992, my mother sadly passed away at the young age of 62 and after her death it was necessary to sell her house, but we could not find the Deeds to the house anywhere and contacting every solicitor and bank in the locality over a period of months yielded no results in the search for them.

One Sunday afternoon many months later, I went to her house and was just sitting quietly on the sofa in the front room. There was a china cabinet along one wall, of the kind that older people frequently keep china and glassware in, with sliding glass doors in the centre and two cupboard type doors either side. This stood on four legs (a sideboard, as they say) and under that was a wooden chess pieces box that had belonged to my late brother who had died many years previously, when he was just 19. It wasn't used for keeping chess pieces in anymore, but held important documents, photographs, mementos and trinkets, etc, and of course, I had looked through every item in this box several times in the preceding months to no avail.

At the bottom of the box was an 18ct St Christopher on a gold chain, something my father bought on the day I was born (he had also died by then) because my name is Christopher (or Chris) and I had put this in my mother's safekeeping because I was forever breaking the chain in my sleep if I wore it and was afraid of losing or damaging it.

On this Sunday, as I sat on my late mother's sofa, there was a banging on the floorboards, which were wooden underneath the carpet, it being a terraced house, as if someone was stamping their foot on the floor, although there was just me and nobody else in the house. I ignored this thinking it was a lorry rumbling past, since the house was on a main road, but there were no lorries or even cars going by, and after ignoring the thumping on the floor, which was coming from the area where the chess box was, it happened again, and then happened a third time, until eventually, absolutely flumoxed by what was causing it, I went over to the sideboard and there was a little thump, so I picked up the box and started going through everything, knowing that the Deeds were not there because I had already searched it many times.

This time, when I reached the St. Christopher jewellery box, one of those with a piece of felt and two slits inside for the chain to slip into, I decided to put it on, which meant taking the felt out, and underneath that, I found a slip of paper neatly folded into a tiny square, and when I opened the paper, it bore the name of a firm of solicitors I had not contacted in my late mother's handwriting. I took the piece of paper home with me and contacted the firm the following day (a Monday) to enquire whether they held the Deeds to the house and after a few moments, the lady came back onto the phone and said, yes, they were there.

This is a true story. I've had other experiences, they seem to happen around once every 10 years, but nothing quite like this.

Chris J / PureAndSimple. 
Wow Chris that really is some story

Thanks Annie, yes, it altered my perceptions of whether there is "something there" or not, I was previously very sceptical about such things.
Food for thought.....being  the only person in a building (3am or so) ,All doors secured by both key and bolt and taking the elevator up to the 5th floor to walk back down .As it goes by the third floor the elevators emergency  telephone rings  3 times and stops :shock: i wasn't even thinking of answering it as i knew the only place that call could have come from in the entire building ,was from my desk ,the one i had just left 3 minutes ago...ps. A lot of lights  got turned on for the rest of the night !
Thanks for the story Stickpin.  That reminds me of an event that happened to me.  I will write it up and post it here.