My daughter has an Apple iPad 2 which worked perfectly but suddenly became incompatible with the BBC iPlayer so she took it into an Apple shop to find out why.
She was told that her system needed updating; she told them she had tried to update but it would not let her. They informed her that there were several update available but only they could install them! She was then encouraged to buy the latest iPad Air. She refused as she is happy with the one she has and did not want the expense of buying a new one (she is a student).
After much insistence on her part and a refusal to part with any cash, they updated her device, while she waited, free of charge. She has now gone from version 5 to version 8!
Talk about a rotten Apple. I have to wonder how many people have been caught out by this and bought a new one.
Go Jade!!!
Yeah, and it isn't just Apple. I know someone who wasn't happy with Windows 8 and paid a huge fee to have it removed and Windows 7 installed when the tech could have simply installed a Windows 7 shell alongside it.
The issue with reverting back to a win 7 OS from win 8/8.1 is that the mfg may not offer many of the drivers for the hardware,. If you have win 8 or 8.1, Sally referred to a "shell". It doesn't really send you back to win 7, but it installs a "shell" around win 8/8.1 that brings back your old favorite. the start button... and your start menu/control panel, search, etc... and gets rid of all those dang tiles! So it resembles win 7, but is still a win 8/8.1 OS.

It's 100% free (yay!) and installs in just a minute or two. I don't know if it works on win (cough) 10.

You can get it here:

Thanks, Sally :)

Don't choke yourself DF :lol:
I think with Windows 10 if you want to spend the time tinkering, you can restore enough of your favourite features like the desktop icons, etc., to make you happy. The problem is, if you're going to go to all that trouble to have something that looks like Windows 7, you might as well just stay with it. You really have to compare the new features that Windows 10 offers and decide if they're enough to make you want to switch. In my case, not so much and they do offer an instant rollback. :lol:
Bear in mind the rollback is only good for 60 days. After that, you're stuck with Win 10.

hopefully by then things will be working right. (Hopefully, I mean it IS Microsoft  :lol:)