If you have not heard of EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - your first stop is http://eftsuffolk.com/Manual.pdf, where you can download, read and practice the modality, completely free of charge. Would you like to to heal pain, panic attacks, emotional issues, fears and phobias; yes? Then give it a go and come back here with your results, or for a helping hand as you find your feet with a set of techniques that will quite simply change your life![/i]
I have tried eft but didnt see any results. Love to hear stories from people who have
How long did you try it for?

I used it a few years back over a couple of months or more.and found you did have to persist and work with it..a lot of it is intuitive...is my experience.
The deeper the issues the longer/more you have to work. It is not "quick" fix really.
I think it likely differs for everyone, but I found it effective enough that I did recommend it to friends.
Im still using it and have been for about 4 months. I want to believe it works.
I have done courses on EFT and i find it very good . But it takes a bit of getting used to . I have tried it on some of my friends and they found it very strange . but either way i use it a lot on my self . Its each to their own i say . I also use Reiki which i find great to relax and Angel Theraphy . because i have a very deep belief in Angels.
I use this EFT often and get great results. The trick is in finding the exact issue. Most people can't get down to the underlying issues themselves. They can only get the surface issues...what the issue looks like. A friend of mine had never been able to drive on an expressway...she was 55 and I took her through 3 questions and she drove home on the expressway (she lived an hour away from me)
and she's had no more fear or anxiety about expressways. Another friend had not been able to get into a car for 10 years....because of a car accident. she could ride busses and vans but not cars.
When I started with her and we stated the issue."Even tho I am afraid to ride in cars" she completely freaked out and went into full blown panic attack/anxiety. I had her keep breathing and continually told her we would get through this and over this. We did about 5 issues (in the same session) "Even tho I am afraid of another car accident", Even tho I don't feel safe in a car", Even tho I don't trust cars"..each time looking at a different aspect of her fear/anxiety.and after the session I drove her home in my car and she can NOW ride in cars.and that was 5 years ago. I've also helped people with anxieties about work and fears of loosing jobs....or of getting a new job, or fear of their boss or a co-worker. I am highly intuitive and so I can get down to the deeper issues and help them through it.
It's a very powerful and effective tool.