Everyone defines success differently. What does success in life mean to you?
Roof over your head, food on the table, your friends and family around you and going to bed/waking up with the one you love by your side. Getting through one year without one of them dying would make life perfect.
Simple. Who needs more out of life.
Hmmm. So not being able to make it through a year without a loved one dying deems a person unsuccessful at life you think?
Not at all; the question was what do I see as success; not what makes a person unsuccessful in life.
The not dying part was merely an additional wish not linked to the actual question that you posed.

Also, I don't believe that the opposite of what I see as success would automatically mean an unsuccessful life, there's that whole grey area in the middle which isn't quite either.

I don't crave the usual trappings of what most see as success; as long as I can say that I'm happy then I would feel successful in life. No amount of wealth, etc would make me feel successful without the happiness associated with loving and being loved.
Gotcha. Glad to also know that waking up beside a loved one is not a requirement. :D
Waking up is a start. Hope lover already went home.
Haha. Yes. Some days just waking up is enough for a successful day.
success,to me,means happiness..a state of mind...a choice
Success for me is when I can stand with my own two feet and don't bother anyone for a single penny.
Success is seeing my children grow into confident, empathetic, generous, and other-centered human beings.

It is being able to feel wonder and delight at small things, like a ladybug landing on my arm or a random cloud animal.

To make someone's day better.