1. She is not afraid to be alone. Because she likes her own company, she is ready to wait for the right relationship. Staying unrelated does not bother her, but the idea of making a wrong connection is just terrifying. She realizes she does not serve anyone if she agrees to be with the wrong person. It also means that if he fucks things, he will not get another chance. When a strong woman ends up with you, it will be so forever.

2. If you get her into dramas, she'll show you the door. This includes a lot of things - if you're dealing with your ex, cheating on her if you act as if you owned her, you had a bad boy behavior, and you were showing narcissism. She appreciates herself too much to be the subject of such an attitude and will show you the door if you expect to be reconciled with these things.

3.It will be loyal to you if you deserve it. If you treat her well, you will not worry if it will deceive you or lie. She will love you with all her own if you behave like that.

4. Understand everything well. Try to hurt her and she will " eat you alive". She has a great respect for herself, and you will not like it any more if you make her up or try to manipulate her. This woman has her own plans, goals and passions. Make her thirsty for your attention and you will be alone

5. He will tell you what he thinks. It is direct (but not bad!). You can be sure that you will know exactly where your relationship unfolds. It just has no time or energy to be passive-aggressive and does not want you to be such.

6. She does not care about the approval of others. When it comes to the opinions of others, she knows that what they think of her is not her job. She is too busy working to make her life great and does not deviate from criticism

7. It is important to her goals, passion, ambition and effort.It like to be surrounded by people who are developing and have serious goals and passions. She would never sacrifice her dreams for you, but she would not make you sit in the backseat. The strong woman is not aware of the feeling of working hard to achieve her goals, so she understands the process and respects your individual passions.

8. She is not interested in your money. Since she is already independent and confident in herself, it is not really important to her. What interests her is what you will do with what you have, what your future goals are and whether you treat her well. There is always more to your efforts and your attitude to it than to the amount in your bank account

9. Her standards are high . Such women rarely meet, so if you are indifferent to your feelings for her, she will just look for someone who is as good to her as she would in return.

10. Can not bear when you are helpless. Do you know the words: "Oh, my God, I just do not know what to do"? She will understand what lies behind them and hate you. If you act like a boy, he will treat you as such. This will be unpleasant for both of you. She does not behave as if she is helpless, so she does not respect others who act like this (men or women).
11. It's worthwhile to be with her.This relationship will challenge you and make you a better version of yourself. Not because it requires it, but simply because it is inspiring around her. Well, are you ready to be inspired?