Green tea and Ginger Tea are the two ingredients that will benefit your health.

So, is the heat a danger to your health?

I find that most people with some sort of health issues have problems where humidity is high and it affect their health. The link above will help you learn more about heat and humidity.

I know as I suffer many illness and Kidney is one of them.

Eat lots of dark green veggies, but do eat a variety as you need those vitamins as well.

Vitamin K?

Up here in Canada, the cold will affect the kidney and cause problems and to wear protection is what we do, as Gwyn nicely put it, something similar, some are more suitable than depends.

Living with Kidney disease is something that some of the diabetic suffer, and learn how to cope with it. As I do as I am a diabetic and learning to cope with it.

I drink lots of water with a squeeze of lemon.

The two teas I mention will help other health issues and will benefit those who have other health issues other than kidney disease and diabetic.

Stay healthy and have fun!! :D
My fountain of youth and my over all nutrition comes from Marine Plankton, It comes from the ocean it's what whales eat and they live longer than any mammal, there are so many out there and I have tried a lot but the pharmaceutical strength is the way to go, read about it, it has everything we need to be healthy.
I've recently started thinking about my health, so I decided to quit smoking. Now trying to switch cigarettes with vapes. I usually order from So far it helps to distract from the desire to smoke a cigarette. Hope it'll work.