I'm hoping someone here can give me advice, before I sink completely into a state of despair.
I have been single again for 6 months. He was the major breadwinner here, I worked (and still work) part time. I am in a small town, no other jobs, and have some health issues that prevent me from working full time. I am trying to stay here, because I will never find a cheaper place to live. I am scraping to pay my rent, and I fall behind on other bills.
My issue now is that I have a son getting married this fall. I really don't know how I'm going to pay for things, like my dress, hotel rooms (wedding is not close to home), and all those other expenses that come up when planning a wedding. They are not asking me to pay for any of the wedding itself, but we all know there are many things to do and pay for.
I don't know where to turn. I am 100% sure I would not qualify for a bank loan, and I don't trust any other loan companies, and may not qualify with them anyway.
Just don't know what to do.
Now as a single man, I cannot comment,
But sometimes money issues affect us all at various times,
If I have to, i will shop at GOODWILL etc, EBAY, I will not spend lots on something for 1 day,
Is there a credit union near U, they would help provided the IRS are not after you,
I am not a mean person, but i dont believe in wasting money either,
I can find a lot more good reasons to use it.