Speaking from an experience i am not enjoying in the least, I advise anyone over 50 to get the vaccination. Spend the money, if it's not free in your area, and save yourself from this incredibly uncomfortable condition. Painfully itchy, and very unattractive, it's horrible and can be very dangerous. I'm lucky in that it was diagnosed early and am on antiviral meds and expect to be 'cured' in five to ten days. In the meantime I look like I've been in a bar fight, on the losing side, I'm whining and whimpering and want to cry. It won't be cured by thoughts, prayers and lavender oil, see your doctor, get the vaccination and take care of yourself. My sincere advice and good deed for the year. Live long and prosper my friends.
Happy New Near.
Hey Applemac,,,,,,I have experienced shingles before,, stressed caused,,,,spread around my midsection,,itchy,, uncomfy....I did not go to the doctor,, just relieved my stress as best I could and it went away,, thank goodness. I always try to "home remedy" things that happen to me but know that sometimes a doctor visit would be wiser. I had a really bad bout with congestion,, could not breathe,,,read up,, stopped the dairy intake and was better in a week or so. But NOW,, eggnog and brandy season has made me turn to lactaid eggnog (non dairy) and I am happy,, still a little congested,, but not near as bad. Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve and after Apple.........................................
I couldnt agree more, shingles are horrible, Brighton beach on the English south coast is covered in shingles and there's nowhere to build a sandcastle. They're horrible
I recently had a letter from my local surgery recommending this jab so I will arrange it in the new year
Get well soon
I had shingles on my gorehead. almost went in my eye. took 8 pills a day so I wouldn't have never damage.