Cyber stalking occurs online in chat rooms and on message board forums and always involves an internet obsessed, vendetta crazed person such as the internet crazy who is currently stalking myself and others on these forums.

If you feel you are not receiving an appropriate degree of protection against online paranoid delusional cyber stalkers, you can report that internet crazed obsessive person to the authorities.

Report a stalker

Contact the police if you’re being stalked - you have a right to feel safe in your home and workplace.

Stalking is illegal and can include being followed or constantly harassed by another person - eg being sent unwanted emails or being harrassed on message board forums.

Call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger.

Contact your local police if it’s not an emergency.

Support organisations
You can get advice from the National Stalking Helpline.

National Stalking Helpline
Telephone: 0808 802 0300
Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4pm (except Wednesday 1pm to 4pm)
National Stalking Helpline -

You can also contact:

Network for Surviving Stalking -
Protection Against Stalking -
You can contact Victims’ Information Service to find local help and support. -

Additional support is available if you’re in Scotland. -
This isn't always easy, because they can manipulate their IP, therefore, difficult to locate

Here you dial 911, only if your life is threaten, you can always dial the local number, but they will look into it, I have a friend who work in Ottawa trying to locate unwanted internet people who are so obecss with catching someone on line for some reason or another, I had one, but the police can't catch him because his IP and phone number is a fake. So the best I can do is, to let females know and beware of him. He looking for money, but I told him that he has to put me on his payroll before I can give him anything :lol:

Thank you for your input Jake, keep up the good work and something will be resolve, like they will get bored and move on hopeflly :)

I had one this morning, asking for my home address, lol not going to give it to him as I think that is the catch, to mail something to me. I should have given him the R.C.M.P mailing address :lol: Never thought of it at the time :P

Like G said, there is so much they can do, same with the police, so they put it on the local news warning people of such scams, harrassment and so on which I have posted on this site. Awhile back someone ask me for my Photo Id, over my dead body he getting it, but he gave me his, so I took a closer look at it and look nothing like him, then he claim it is his room mate, so why would I be interested in his roommate photo ID???

All we can do is, be net wise :D
Oh and I had one not long ago asking my for my phone number :lol: I got good excuse for that one, I can't hear on the phone, good enough reason right? :wink: Blocking him won't solve it, because he can come in under a different user name :P

So it goes on and on... blah blah blah... it is tire some alright but we got to be strong to fight them off, this is why prefer someone with their profile certified, then I know he is real, those who don't have their profile certified ... well I think they are hidding something :? Because they are to scared to have themselves be identify by this site.

So who is afraid of having their profile certified? That remind me, I have to do mine again :roll: Like you Jake, is your profile certified? I think females in this site would be safer that way. A lot faster for you to find someone on this site, they feel so much safer once they know your profile is certified :)

Your chance of finding someone on this site is greater if your profile is certified :D
Oh, remember when you came into chat Jake? while I was helping penshaw? That newbie was there, later on he wanted to know something about my finances, what on earth for? Is he going to be paying me something? Or does he think I am going to hire him for something?
You didn't stay in chat for long Jake, but something wasn't right at that time, it was odd for you to come into chat at that late hour UK time, I felt something suspicious then. Like what is going on? Did you know something about that newbie?

You can't be a cyber stalker Jake, I hope I am wrong ! Because I have never ever seen you in chat that late afternoon Alberta time, I did find it odd that you came in, it was an unusual pattern for you Jake. Or did you come in that time to report him as a cyber stalker?
Fascinating! I post about cyber stalkers and my internet vendetta obcessed cyber stalking crazy replies.

Many of my friends on the site have suggested I let this go over my head and to ignore it. They do, explaining that they and everyone realises it is internet vendetta obcessed and crazy and, above all, harmless.

The wisest advice I received was from the internet vendetta obcessed crazy stalker itself when it wrote:

"something will be resolve, like they will get bored and move on hopeflly"

I doubt it will ever move on, as this is all it has. A very sad thought indeed, but one which I am now prepared to tolerate.
Good idea Jake, let it go like water run off the back of a Duck.

Remember, on July 27, I still remember what the three of you said that time :) When I arrive the three of you went dead quiet :P
I've decided not to worry about the vendetta against me by an internet crazy. My true friends on the site have reassured me that nobody pays attention to or even likes the crazy person. Dealt with.