A good night's sleep can be hard to come by—especially if it's hard to quiet your mind or the noises around your home that keep you from sleeping at your best. Thanks to the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy system, you have access to soothing sounds from nature, a spa or other sounds specially designed to promote sleep. Choose from three, 12-sound cards you can easily insert and select the sound of your choice, such as “ocean”, "thunderstorm" or “white noise.” The sound therapy system also features an alarm clock and convenient time display—everything you need to get a good night's sleep, wake up refreshed and have a productive day.

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A team of PhD sound therapy experts created the sounds and concepts behind the Sound Therapy system. Bringing a collective 100 years of experience in music therapy and the healing benefits of music, each sound and design aspect of the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy system is designed with your health in mind. Relieve the stress and exhaustion from the outside world with soothing sounds at an unbeatable price. Grab this Health Deal today!
Hi everyone. It is difficult at times to sleep at night with distracting noises or things on our minds. Has anyone seen those videos on YouTube that have relaxing thunderstorms or rain? These are really neat. Here is a link to one if you would like to use it for sleeping or reading the bible:

I have half a dozen recordings I've downloaded from YouTube. I listen to them quite often.