Typical Problems Solved (Dissolved) by Radical Forgiveness

• Relationship crises, problems and challenges, past and present
• Codependent behavior patterns
• Residual (toxic) pain of old wounds and hurts (e.g. from abandonment, sexual abuse, rejection, infidelity, betrayal, physical abuse, shaming, injustice, rape, incest, divorce, discrimination, etc.)
• Anger directed towards people who have wounded you (e.g. parents, siblings, spouse, ex spouse, partners, boss, professional service people, governments, press, churches, cults, groups, the justice system, the medical system, etc.
• Addiction to being a victim and always blaming others
• Obesity caused by emotional toxicity
• Many kinds of health problems caused by stress and non forgiveness
• Cancer likely to form in the future due to lack of forgiveness and repressed emotions
• Workplace problems with employees and workmates that affect profits
• Being bullied or discriminated against
• Lawsuits
• Grief
• Fear of dying

Problems Solved by Radical SELF Forgiveness & Self-Acceptance

Forgive Yourself
• Incessant self-criticism and judgment
• Excessive guilt and shame
• Low self-esteem
• Injured self-respect
• Self-loathing
• Patterns of self-limitation and sabotage
• Inability to create success
• Blocked creative power
• Inability to create a loving relationship
• Poverty consciousness
• Inability to attract a mate/partner

How Radical Forgiveness Therapy (RFT) Works

To understand how it works, watch the video for a brief outline or scroll down and read the script. For a more detailed explanation and to learn about the tools and online programs that make it work, read the link below.


Additional Support
Support for ForgivenessIf, in addition to doing the worksheets you feel you could do with more help, there are trained and certified Radical Forgiveness Coaches and Certified Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioners listed on our website who can help you. You might also find working in a group setting, like in a workshop or in the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony, very helpful. Playing ‘Satori,’ the Radical Forgiveness Game, is also very effective.

Expect Results Like These
Relief from old or current emotional pain and stress
Solutions to your current and future life problems without the struggle
Much improved relationships from this point on
A different, more surrendered approach to life
Less anger and frustration, more happiness and peace
Less toxicity in mind body and spirit and therefore better health
Increased mastery over your life
An expanded world view

Not Just For Clearing the Past

Once you realize and experience the power of Radical Forgiveness in helping you clear the past, you should develop the habit of thinking in this way and using the tools to deal masterfully with events as they occur in your life

1. Overcoming Health Problems
2. Cancer Prevention
3. Weight Loss and Other Body Issues
4. Preventing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
5. Overcoming Addictions – the 13th Step
6. Releasing Trauma

7. Resolving Disputes with Neighbors, Workmates, etc.
8. Ending Mobbing, Bullying and Discrimination
9. Increasing chances of winning court cases

10. Reviving a Failing Relationship
11. Preparing for and Surviving Separation and Divorce
12. Initiating and Achieving Reconciliation
13. Healing the Family
14. Overcoming Being Judgmental
15. Overcoming Co-dependence
16. Creating New Relationships
16. Raising Productivity and Profitability of the Business
17. Resolving and Preventing Conflict in the Workplace
18. Saving Dysfunctional Family Businesses

19. Spiritual Growth
20. Etheric Body Cleansing and Chakra Balancing
21. Transforming World Events
22. Dying Peacefully and Without Pain
23. Radical Grieving.
24. Abortion
25. Radical Living

More to follow by reading this link.