Islington moped crime - time to judge judge 17.02.18
it does often spark
not always on the decline
going to the side that's dark
but not joining the thin blue line.
carrying out there duty
always at risk
on twitter you played a beauty
allot of support is bills whisk.
not happy with sentence
job satisfaction draining continuously
do courts follow the 10 crack commandments
made me laugh a cop tweeting "seriously".
all across london its spiraling
a crime that is so quick
useless so no 999 dialing
justice is just sick.
i don't like to judge
compassion because age is the strike
with the judicial system is now a grudge
its time this judge got on his bike. this was my inspirations and for those that are not sure of the 10 commandments i down loaded that for you as well which i relate to in my poem !
from crime to one more crime :cry:

power and corruption ( in a express inspired by richard and judy ) 18.02.18

we can all remember

its well known like bob marley and jammin

everyone in uk wanted to be a member

we gave so conscience had no famine.

yes we were little

did not understand the media

back then no online so the feed was a trickle

only now seeing the side that's seedier.

reading with a bless

this couple have a down to earth bond

will email but not in a express

or hand deliver once jumped the pond.

where we have power

like in everything there is corruption

don't take poetry as a flower

its no charity irruption. ... d-and-judy
Has anyone ever told you that you are a dead ringer for a Karl Marx statue?
What kind of female statue are you looking to hook up with?
one that can read me like a book :shock:
weird one - ps has anyone ever told you - you are very attractive - I like your features. I feel a love of my life poem is brewing :mrgreen:
I prefer your new look. Almost as attractive as mine.
Don't bother with the poem, never read 'em. :lol:
might take you out for a meal weirdone - fancy Greenwich :(

take away joints in greenwich reviewed ( warning - not for the faint hearted ) 18.02.18

welcome to the eater
put away the floss
none will be a greeter
first to avoid is bagel boss.
second to jar
is like the lady i name sushi mania
it was like being in the fish bar
never going back to britannia.
bronze is no medal
you might have to hold your nose
paper boy may no longer peddle
slowing up i suggest bikes of dominos.
sitting in the corner
behind the shutters is a thriller
on conway road leaves no moan er
think again if i am eating in griller.
number 5 gets no pardon
have to bring in a true poet murray
would never eat in that garden
closing the door on the curry.
do you have pity
want me to stop say please
number 6 to miss is golden city
they do both chinese and japanese.
we are not at heaven
infarct the food is hellish
do you want to hear number seven
ok its kebabish.
number 8 is no pleaser
infarct inside it will cut
again its one more doing pizza
advice is to avoid the hut.
the ninth is not poetic
its not sweet like apple strudel
rhyming with angels is pathetic
not going in hey noodle.
in tenth position
pizza really is like gonorrhoea
not under any condition
would i eat in pizzeria.
again one with topping
staying clear is accurate
followed by 12 which also gets chopping
its over for wild east and the pizza that's ultimate.
last but not least
number 13 is taken
tasty is to say the least
drive by the tasty african.
have i made the reader vocal
or has poetry made the head ich
thank you this is london local
the hypocrisy is going out to eat in greenwich.

or if like paper boy you are retiring - enjoy your rest :lol:

paperboy/oldman retirement 18.02.18
now redundant
unable to deliver
giving up on the news is reluctant
from each paper stand is the sliver.
with the news its a obsession
it is the helping hand
headlines will never have a recession
that feeling is grand.
its all to do with interpretation
understanding is not the plead
the village was not the creation
www. is how all read.
its easy to add spin
no such word as can't
its why the reader will grin
even now adding a bit of slant.
back on the payroll
this old man is whizzing
going to invest and add sole
paperboy is at the heart and still fizzing.
50older wrote: might take you out for a meal weirdone - fancy Greenwich :(

You should be so lucky :roll:

You could call it the cold shoulder :lol:
did you say shoulder ? not my taste - got a thigh fetish :roll: enjoy todays poetry. catch you later weirdone :evil:

KFC run out of chicken croydon alert 19.02.18
can not express the sorrow
pain really stings
no more in deep fat the wallow
how i am going to miss your tender wings.
the gap is ticking
infarct i need some tablets
the fingers have constant licking
at night i dream of your giblets.
miss the feeling
in on the sofa i cry
never will it have heeling
not the same stroking my own thigh.
gone is the appetite
i see bones through the vest
no more a attraction or delight
don't miss neither breast.
not chewing your leg
uncle has to get a pardon
he will be a chicken and beg
please accecpt sorry people from croydon. ... f_chicken/
from chicken to a shooter now :?

usa need to mimic highgate ( gun control - metro ) 20.02.18
we are holding the leash
the usa are going to be our poodle
together in our own niche
no reference to bush or blair joining like apple and strudel.
guns have one purpose
in america it is the main stifle
if copy highgate its a zero surplus
playing shoot the dog is the only riffle.
with only one aim
american citizens are up for prostitution
change the stigma and shame
alter the constitution.
warp and twisted
hope you don't listen to the 666 carol
don't misinterpret this is insisted
hope you don't track me down with a double barrel.
if the usa want to emulate
then mr trump won't get proof that's bigger
no need for a bullet proof in highgate
change is happening and finger is on the trigger.