Just a drink

When I’m drunk it seem to be
that my thoughts don’t bother me
They say they drown but that’s not true
They just come back when drinking’s through

So I’ll just drink until a time
That I can deal with what is mine
Until I do I’ll stagger on
And hope that some at least are gone

In the morning feeling rough
Being sober is so tough
Go to work and try to see
If I can do what’s asked of me

Home from work and sit right there
The cooler sat beside my chair
Start to drink and try to find
A peaceful place inside my mind

It doesn’t come and it’s a joke
I just sip my rum and coke
Until the thoughts spin in my head
It’s time again to fall in bed

And so it starts another day
I’m sure there is another way
Drinking drives me round the bend
that’s it for now this is the end