Make my eyes bug out, why not. This was news that shocked me today: report of a study. Assuming 16 hours of wake time per day...that's an average of every four minutes. Average means half the smartphone addicts are doing more than that.
For some reason, that don't surprise me, the mobile or cell phone has become an addiction to a lot of people for years, the technology will find more reason to add to those addtiction. I am just waiting for a day when it will totally distroy their life.
I have read mournful (and nauseating) online boo-hoos. Lost my cellphone/smartphone ... THERE GOES MY LIFE. Geesh.

I've never owned one of those things, and I see no reason to have one. I have no Wi-Fi in my home.

In my opinion, handheld devices are eroding society; making people's worlds smaller and smaller...not larger. There's also the fact that cell/Wi-Fi is all microwave band...a known health hazard. Cell phone towers have killed a lot of people, especially in the UK. But so what. (General population doesn't much care...they're not even aware of the hazards.)

Radio is much longer wavelength...even kilometers long. But Wi-Fi is about length of ones thumb. Antennae size...roughly same as human body can pick it up. (Unlike AM/FM or such.) Most European countries allow Wi-Fi exposure 1,000 to 10,000 times less than the UK or Canada...because those governments accept and respect the appreciable hard scientific evidence that microwaves can and do adversely affect living cells.

Wi-Fi is crazy in more than one way, and 'smartphones' are a misnomer.
I agree, land line phone is becoming a thing of the past, people get land line phone and when the move they have to pay for the hook up at their new location where as cell phone you take it where ever you go, whether you move or not.
:lol: I don't have one  :shock: I did at onetime, it went to the back of the fish tank. yep still there years later, don't even ask why its still there  :lol:. I don't miss it either, I do get funny looks when people ask for my mobile number. I don't need one or want one, it does my head in when the girls come round they spend more time on the phone than talking to me. I just take the house phone upstairs and ring them while they are down stairs that does their head in. they don't think its funny, its one way of getting their attention  :lol: 
LOL so now if the fish need to make a call, they can do so, J/K. I don't use one either, when my son gave me one when I go out, use it in case of emergency, well I keep forgetting it at home, a lot of good that does me,LOL. I do that too, when people have cell phones, I give them a call, and then I get a dirty look LOL.

Oh Morton, the fish just text you. :wink:

I do notice that people spend more time on cell phone and mucking with it, spend less time doing what they are suppose to be doing, now I hear that in some work place, they have rules, staff are not allow to use their cell phone and they either have to turn it off, or leave it somewhere else, the only time that they use it at work, is when work give them one, it work related cell phone.
:lol: I wondered what they got up yo behind the rocks, and it explains those calls where no ones answers me just hear gurgling  :shock:
Gurgle, gurgle, maybe the are texting for more food? :wink:
morton1 wrote: it went to the back of the fish tank. yep still there years later

LOL. That's priceless. So is your comment about phoning your girlfriends from another phone in their house, when they're busy on the phone. They find that annoying? Good. :-)

It's always annoyed me...visiting someone...their phone rings. Yap, yap, for even 15 minutes while their guest is ignored. That's just bloody rude. So I began to ask women: unplug your phone, please.
:lol:  when I say the girls, I mean my daughters when they visit me. I  take my house phone upstairs and ring them while they are downstairs  :lol:  I just say hey its me would you like to talk face to face?  they hang up  :shock:, seconds later you hear ' MUM'  your not funny   :x  yep it does their head in  :D    you ask the woman to unplug her phone?  OMG  I would poop myself if some man asked me to unplug my phone. I would think he was going to kill me or something  :shock:. I suppose you know the woman well enough, meaning your not just a stranger  :lol: yes I agree its very rude. and is so annoying. its easy to just say I have someone here I will call you back later . 
Rod___ wrote:

It's always annoyed me...visiting someone...their phone rings. Yap, yap, for even 15 minutes while their guest is ignored. That's just bloody rude. So I began to ask women: unplug your phone, please.[/quote]

I don't normally talk on the phone when I have guests....however if a guest asked me to turn my phone off, I would find that very rude, unless there was an extremely good reason.
Or, "Excuse me, I have to take this important phone call" I see that often, that way their guest don't get offended by that. Does this offend you when they say that? I can see them mulitasking by listening to you and reading text messages on their phone, a lot of people do get offended by that, but once you said excuse me for a moment, it maybe very important that they have to take the call or return messages. what do you think?
gwynnie wrote: if a guest asked me to turn my phone off, I would find that very rude

And exactly how is a request...which includes the word please..."very rude"? Is it the case that you are the queen of your environment and no one may suggest a thing, without being very her highness? I am bold, yes? Impertinent.

It seems these days a lot of women want things entirely 100% their own way...i.e. they have lost most of their manners...if they ever had any. is part of my body...that's like asking me to remove my leg. How dare you.
No matter what the man wants - an uninterrupted conversation would be nice - it doesn't count. Better to have interruptions.
Better to act like the phone is your life-line. All men are so very dangerous. You just never know when one will flip out and go axe-crazy on ya. Or you may need to phone urgently...for a pizza. If a woman needed often defribrillated - she's gotta get the paramedics there pronto, quite often, to stabilize her heart...then I'd grant she had a valid excuse. Without phone...death.
Why do I leave my phone mostly unplugged? Because...2 and 3 are the same number. That's why.
Good thing we're not dating, huh. :-)
Yes Rod, a very good thing, you should be so lucky :lol: I am sure we would soon kill each other :lol: :lol:
My pet hate is the television, I think it is rude to leave the TV on when you have guests. I would never ask a host/ess to turn it off though. I simply would not visit again, that way I am not suggesting how they should behave in their own home. Problem solved :D
Cell phones drive me crazy!! Whenever I am somewhere with other people (church, work, family), I turn off the volume so I don't even know it's ringing (or texting). Then I look at it when I'm by myself. I wish I could go back to having a wall phone instead. But work texts me with jobs to go on. When I just had a wall phone, there were pay phones all around so you didn't need to carry a cell phone for emergencies everywhere you went. Too bad pay phones went the way of wall phones.
As far as rudeness goes, it is rude to divert your attention from the person/people you're with, whether it's the phone, or tv or whatever. We have so little time anymore to connect with others face-to-face, we need to appreciate that time when it happens.