I do like to pamper myself-massage, acupuncture, meditation, nails done. What you can share about your pampering?
I am not so much interested in the salon stuff..mostly because there isn't one for miles.
Nothing makes me feel better than a swim in the ocean followed by a quiet spot on the hot sand, to spread out a towel, lay back with a good book and feel the sun on my skin.
I stay sun smart, even though I know it isn't great for your skin health...but damn it, it feels soooo good.
Me, I enjoy my weekly pamper :D
I go to the barbers to have my head shaved then they wax your nostrils and ear lobes, trim your brows and thread your brow.

Then it’s a Mocha in the cafe a few doors down.
It’s my time set aside for just me and it makes me feel good about myself and I’m happy :D
My pampering time... well I am not into salon stuff either, but I do enjoy walking the dogs and getting my favorite cup of coffee to have on my way home. I also like to relax in a nice hot tub and then climb into bed to read a book (a real book) or watch a favorite movie/t.v. show. Oh and not to mention pamper the cats and dogs they love it too!
So very true :)
I agree with daisyjean statement. Anyway,I like to pamper myself.