Wayne Dyer introduced this amazing lady 'Anita Moorjani' to the world.  She had lymphoma cancer, was rush to hospital with organ failure as a result of her cancer.  She had a NDE and met her father on the other side and she was told by him that it was not her time and she came back to her body.  Within 4 days all trace of cancer left her body.  
Everyone needs to go on her website and read, listen and watch all of her interviews.  The main theme is repeated over and over, but with each interviewer a different aspect is brought out and the insights she gives us are absolutely AMAZING.
To try to describe the other side  she uses an analogy of a warehouse.  When we are in our bodies it is like being in a warehouse and all we have is this small flashlight.  We shine it here and shine it there but never see ALL that is in the warehouse.  Then one day some one turns on all the lights in the warehouse, and you find out it is so much more then you ever thought possible.  There are things in the warehouse your light never shone on so you never knew it even existed!  And the warehouse was enormous.  In that instant all is clear, everything understood.  Coming back to the body is like turning the lights out in the warehouse and you are back to the flashlight, but now you KNOW that there is so much more out there.....you can never go back and be the same person you were before.
Anita's website is  www. anitamoorjani.com
Be well, my brothers and sisters!  We are all one...there is no separation. 
Hi Buddy33
Looked her up and Wow! What happened to her was awesome. I do believe in healing as I was once healed several years ago. Tumor disappeared, no longer showed up on the MRI. I liked her message. Hope others take the time to read her story. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Seashells....she is amazing.

I keep spreading her word.  Let's hope others like it too and do the same.  Let's change the world together.

Much love girl,