I have just sat and read all your messages and the pictures going through my mind are making me laugh thank you all for uplifting me (or is that my bra, who knows...lol) Twizz make mine a rum and coke if you get to the bar before me please xx
Rum and Coke it is Honeykiss cheers lol
Are we getting away from hobbies here? Unless rum and coke is a hobby! lol
Ok Graham back to th hobbies apart from my love of gardening (not) I collect models of Jaguar cars now upto 45, kept in a glass cabinet, They range from the very small about an inch long upto models about 14" long,
A lot are white or cream and my favourite is the MkII from the 60's
i love to fish, go to flea markets, listen to music.
I love to find and refurbish old weight driven clocks,especially the old grandfather clocks .......Its a hobby that in most cases brings a lot of  satisfaction :D !
I am hoping that soon I will be able to start building HMS Denbigh Castle K696. I have the plans and will scratch build it entirely of matchsticks. I live not far from Denbigh so it is a bit of local historical interest. In World War II she served as a convoy escort. While escorting convoy JW-64 to Murmansk she was torpedoed by U-992 in the Barents Sea on 13 February 1945.