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Ever since I paid to become a premium member of 50plus club I've been receiving spam and what I think are scam emails from a Russiam mail-order bride site. I can't imagine how they have my email address unless 50plus has sold it to them. I'm in a long term committed relationship and am not seeking a liaison but friends only, but I do realise there are many pointy headed men and square jawed women on this site who are. It's for this purpose I'm willing to share the email I received so that a female (or male - who know?) former KGB agent can find love, regardless of their new partners lack of money or personality and I wish you all the best of luck.


Hey there my awesome pen-friend. live in the inhabitant of Russia, work in the hospital. Decided to publish on this site your personal data hoping, that they look person, which will be interesting acquaintance with me. I'm pleased to meet you with a decent, which has a feeling of humor and the fact with who managed would to find common ground. I easily find many people, however I want that, with whom you I'd was able to share all their joys and concerns. The, with which our understanding it would be complete. Know that the ideal is hard reach, but you understand that may at least approach to him, and I happy. I twenty-eight years. I optimist and positive people, who are ready to accept any man, if only he respectable and ready to go forward. All required, we could be to find out correspondence, locating what connects us. Believe that having common interests to first and main an indication, what we meet is not accidental. And then we could be to continue communication, then I told myself more details. I'm want serious relationship want to create a family expensive male, to give birth children and be happy. I am have a skype and phone we are able to talk there.

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Dang !!!!! their grammar is hideous.....Usually, that is the first thing that alerts me to scammers. I have been known to misspell at times, but try to correct, or just let it go knowing people knew what I meant to spell ?

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Good grief! Language barriers aside, that was a hard read.

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Imagine this... If everyone become a basic member, this site would shut down, so how would those scammers find anyone on here?

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It doesn't seem to matter if you're mail or female. I get Russian mail order brides all the time. For the record I'm

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Sara2101 wrote: It doesn't seem to matter if you're mail or female. I get Russian mail order brides all the time. For the record I'm

LOL they don't care if you are straight or not, they will continue to harass you until you give up... so don't give up, just keep ignoring them by deleting their message. They are just bored and need something to fulfill they MT time with you :roll:
Just a small note, the deaf language is just like that, that how they talk :wink: So how would you know if the language is poor English? :P So how would you say it hideous if you can't hear what they are talking about? Could that person be sending those message be deaf?

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LuluTimms05 wrote: Good grief! Language barriers aside, that was a hard read.

If you can understand ASL, you would be able to understand what they are saying :wink:

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That's a good point and I have been wondering how my email address got out to such people.

Come on, site moderators, respond. DOES this site or its owners sell on our details?


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Boy, Howdy, so I'm not the only one getting these super women knocking on my email door. Mine are all coming from China and Boy Howdy do they look awesome Course they are all probably pictures of super models. If you went there to get one they would probably give you an old plow horse of a woman. I find it all amusing. Arlen