Did anyone lose any keys? Only I just found some.


:lol: :lol:
Trump said the Florida keys are missing.
Did you really take that picture? I think I remember seeing it on the internet.
Funny but i actually d have a missing Ctrl key,the left one is gone!
Trump took that too, Matt,
He loves control.

Nice to meet you. 
At  least you aren't this confused..
I think she's trying to fit these keys in her handbag   :D  

Some Key lime pie is missing.
someone pointed out to me that the handbag is a cat..
dam where are my glasses :oops: :lol:  
Oh well Jaffa, it was fun while it last. :wink:
true Daisy 
I don't think your eyes are any better
that is lemon meringue pie
not key lime
At least I can occasionally find spell and grammar check
(tho not always in quiz )

Tks, when I search "Key lime pie images" a few pop up and that image was one of them.... tks for that info Jaffa. :)

New glasses are on the way, hopefully this week

Think this will do?