My little Blackberry Torch has finally run its limit of usefulness and I need something more functional. I'd like to know if there are any tech experts here about these non-removable batteries in phones. I know most rechargeable batteries have a limit of how many times you can charge them over the life of the battery so is there a disadvantage to buying a phone with a built-in rather than removable other than the fact that you can't carry a spare in case one runs out?

There are a lot of really good phones out there for very reasonable prices now, but most have non-removable batteries so am I going to pay $189 for something that will possible be obsolete in a year or so because of the battery dying as opposed to paying $600 for a phone that will last me until the manufacturer no longer supports it?
I never really liked smart phones....didn't see much use for one...but last year I purchased a Galaxy S6 Samsung....I really like has performed flawlessly and has a ton of features I never thought I would use but I'm using them....I have always preferred an Android over an Apple/Mac.....the seem to be more diverse and you get more software options....Good luck with your search for a phone...
Ive used a Samsung Galaxy for the past year and its great! I hear the new Samsung Galaxy 7 is better still and is the top rated of all mobile phones in a recent survey by Which magazine, a respected consumers publication. Doesn't come cheap though! :D
The only reason I need one is for work for receiving emails and messages and the odd phone call, otherwise I'd be happy with just a cell phone. I don't play games on it. I don't download a lot of crap. I don't care for the iPhone either, but is there an advantage to the removable v. non-removable battery? Why would you want a battery that you can't remove? I've heard of some phones overheating. With my Blackberry I could carry a spare battery with me in case one ran out or something happened.And then I bought a portable charger so it didn't matter.
And something interesting to note for people who want an expensive phone and can't afford one or don't want a contract, check your provider website for used phones. Many people who are constantly searching for the newest and best and will trade in their current phones for the newest model. Your provider then recycles the used phones for a considerable saving. You can pick up a $500 or $600 phone for half the price.