Just read that Keith Emerson passed away last week. A great musician and part of a great group.

Any Brain Salad Surgery and Tarkus fans here?

Yes. Sad...we are losing so many great older musicians....
brothersun1956 wrote: Keith Emerson passed away last week.

I was a big ELP fan in the day.

I think Emerson used mostly the Moog synthesizer...the first synth to become famous. In the early 70's I was an avid fan of electronic music. Which often meant the only instrument(s) used were electronic. The more experimental stuff...often questionable whether it was even music. But I regularly visited that section of the university music library. Terry Riley...avante-garde stuff from Europe...I regularly treated my ears to some of the weirdest sounds ever recorded on vinyl. Which slowly but surely turned me into a weird person...but I have no regrets.

To my ears, the Oberheim synthesizer had a much richer timbre and was more interesting sonically than the Moog.

But nothing takes the place of talent, and Keith had a lot. He was definitely a pioneer. A big part of the reason synthesizers became a very accepted part of pop and rock (and jazz and other genres) was how well and effectively they were used, by bands like Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Great musicians go on playing as long as they're remembered.

So play on, Keith. :-)