morton1 wrote: Like I said star, I enjoyed and understood what you where saying ,I understand it is a long post,  It had to be long, to get people like me to understand what you where trying to get a cross. you took the time to  explain  I appreciate that. I was not having ago at you, I never said you where trying to make people go to church or read the bible. I admit I was confused by other posts and  blogs on this subject, like post being left saying if you don't read the bible and don't do what God asks  of you , then you end up in the lake of fire. and more stuff wrote like that. you answered  my question, that I don't need to read the bible or go to church to be excepted by God. so I will stand by what I believe in, that it don't matter if God does not except me for who I am and what I have done in my lifetime, as long has I know, I have excepted God in my own way. this comment is not only in reply to you star but to Dopye2  who had no right to judge me or anyone else on their beliefs. everyone should respect each others beliefs. and not fight over who is right and who is wrong. the way I see it there is no right or wrong , everyone deserves respect for what they believe in.  weather we agree or disagree, As long has people realise we all have a choice to make our own decisions in what our beliefs are. and treat each other with respect.  x :)

You just prove my theory, how people can view things in a different point of view.... No harm done :D