I am trying to figure out why people need an itune card for their computer so that they can get some of their software program to work, I just don't understand why they need an iTune card?
Been ask to buy them an iTune card, but I refuse to do so because I have never met these people in person to give them an iTune card. So... what is so important about an Itune card that these people need so badly??

I can see it for downloading music
It's a scam Daisy. In many countries they can use it as a form of currency and it's worth more than their national currency.
Thank you kindly Sara, when I've been harass into buying them an iTune card, I would tell them..... if you want me to give you an iTune card, then come and meet me for coffee and I will hand it over to you :roll: But then why would they be travelling a great distance just to get an iTune card? :lol:
I believe someone said awhile back, said some thing about going from summer to winter by skipping fall (I remember who said it too :P ), well it most certainly has been that way so far, October usually is an Indian month here but only a few days so far, it melted the last snow we had from the freak snow storm last week, it snowing again! Maybe this will be the beginning of a mild winter, but a long one? The last time we had a mild winter was winter of 2007/08. September was a really wet month with only a couple of nice days!

If I was to give all these people iTune card, :roll: I won't be able to do my projects at home, I am way behind in it all due to an illness I have. About this time last year, I was so sick thought I was going to die, but I fought it by going to see the vampire so many times :lol: So I wonder why these people on the internet wanted me to give them iTune card all the time?
Ok, now I get it!!

….”An iTunes gift card can only be used for buying software, music, and other similar downloadable products. Think of it as Apple's credit for virtual products. iTunes giftcards credit the iTunes account associated with your Apple ID, and can be used against in-app purchases.”