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You couldn`t make this up lol.

Cornwall is as English as is Somerset, so perhaps someone ought to point out to them that `County` does not spell or is not pronounced `Country` lol oh my days.
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Actually this is not as odd as it seems at first, Sniper. Cornwall was once a country in its own right.

Quote from Quora:

"Cornwall used to be a separate country.

But so did, for example Wessex (which was united as a Kingdom in its own right from about the 6th Century to the 10th.)

Cornwall held out for longer, though....

It was basically after the conquest of "England" by the Normans in 1066 that "England" became a single country with a new aristocracy, all swearing loyalty to the King, taking over from the locals. While some records up to the 16th Century talk about "England, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall", this is more to do with the fact that Cornwall was run more like a "company town" (a private estate, owned by the Duke) than a matter of current law.

Some people in Cornwall would like to be a country in their own right again, but legally they are a county like any other.

What makes things thoroughly bizarre for those who claim it's a country is that IF it's a country, it's a Monarchy. And the legitimate monarch is.... "King Charles", ie, the person more normally known as Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth.

Given he's sworn fealty to his mum (at, say, his investiture as Prince of Wales), that would mean that, even if it does turn out to be a country, it's part of the British Empire :-)"

PS. Just had a thought. If they became a country again, would Teresa May give them £1b in exchange for their votes?
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Hi Wierdone, lmao.
You know, all the points you put forward, were right on the money, but it really does beggar belief, that an age old dislike of the English, is still so previlant amongst a small handful of bell ends, who have nothing better to do, than to stir up such stupidity lol.
I know that huge swathes in fact, 99% of the Cornish population, would be feeling the same way, as we do,and know that it is still, for me at least, the best place to go visit during summer.
On a lighter note, yes i can imagine Theresa May, really rubbing her hands at the thought of spending more of our money, and of course, she would have had a more reliable partner, instead of the DUP lol,
Perhaps a letter to No 10 will do the trick to remind her of another Ally, closer to home lol.
I can imagine Prince Charles, pleading with his Mum to make all the right noises, so he can finally become King of something at last, because she is not gonna move over until she is ready to prop up the Daisies lol.
Anyway, enjoy Sunday, have fun,
Cornwall is beautiful only been once but never forgotten its beauty