I found some new hobbies at my age

Pickle Ball - like tennis but with light ping pong paddles and a wiffle ball
Geo catching - for the technology savey
Glamping - camping in your home, backyard, hotel, etc. yes with sleeping bags
and the whole 9 yards
Theme Night - Pick a weekly night, pick a theme, make your food, movie, tv show,
the way you dress all about that theme. If you want invite friends,
but be safe. Or even do a theme night by video chat.
Host a Murder Mystery - People love figuring out who done it. Do this at home, by
text, email, or video chat. Great info on the internet to
help you set one up
Adult Coloring Books - There is such a thing and the pictures are way cooler
Voice or Singing Lessons - There are tons of teachers for this
Become a Voice Over For Movies - This can be cartoons but what they really need
is for voices to dub actors that were filmed in
one language and make it another
Blogging - Say what you want to say, it's pretty easy and friends and family can
help get you started
Learn Impersonations - Practice on your own or again you can get a voice

I can list more later if you guys want me to but just needed to share that we are not limited to the usual hobbies from our grandparents long ago..Let me know if you like them or have some great tips of your own.

Re: I found some new hobbies at my age

There are some interesting ideas. I like theme night I am going to use it with my son. Thank you for sharing.