I'll start by making it clear, I'm not touting for business :lol:

I'm a hypnotherapist and I find it interesting to hear peoples opinions and experiences of using hypnotherapy. I know it works, and I get lots of word-of-mouth referrals so I know I'm effective, BUT I also come across quite a few people who have been to 'other' hypnotherapists and not had such a good experience / result.

If anyone has a question, I'd be happy to give my opinion. I would hate to think that there is such a wonderful ability available to us, that is not used because of one or two 'practitioners'.

sorry about hynotheraphy...........just cant wrap my head around that concept......and I will never surrender control to anyone enough that I would become in a hypnotic state of mind..........sorry

Hello John,

I m interestet , i read a lot of books about hypnotherapy Michael Newton, Silvia Brown, and more or less they contradict each other and i dont know what to believe. It is very interesting subject, i would love to try, you know, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Hypnotherapy works for me ... I believe it doesnt work for everyone - you have to let go & allow the therapist to relax you before he can influence your thoughts. Whenever I am feeling stressed I go to see my friend Keith, he has helped me through my divorce, house move & job interviews, he's given me confidence I never knew I had. Definitely worth a try , but always go to someone recommended.
The first time I heard about hypnosis was in high school. The subjects would go on stage and then act foolishly. Surrendering totally to a stranger does not seem natural.
I would not let anyone have control over my mind and body. I am way too afraid of that. Having said that if it helps and other people are ok with that all the power to ya.
Hi I am also a hypnotherapist,and have been very successful in stopping a lot of people from smoking
and putting away fears and phobias..........It is very different to the stage rubbish which we were all made aware of others looking stupid.In clinical Hypnosis you do not give up your will,you are fully aware of what you are doing.You are in a state of complete relaxation...It is not something to be afraid of if you are with a proficient qualified therapist.
I have thought about being regressed. What do you think about of this, :? Can you take people back to there past lives?
Hi John, yes I have tried self hypnosis as a stress buster and it really worked.
Like BlueLight I would be interested in regression and exploring past lives.

However, I'm guessing maybe you are talking about Hypnotherapy in terms of helping people stop smoking, or panic attacks, or helping someone gain control of something detrimental to their life which they can not control on their own?

Maybe if you could define what the Hypnotherapy would be used for, we would better understand your question?
Hi I am also a hypnotherapist , there are many out there .but as John said you have to be careful to find the right one for you and who is fully qualified and registered . I am a hypnotherapist because I like to help people and can easily relate to many of the conditions put before me . It is wonderful to see people starting to live a normal life who have suffered from a condition for a good part of there lives. Clinical hypnotherapy is putting a person into an altered state of mind ,the person is in control at all times and has a heightened state of awareness. In allowing the subconscious to control the conscious mind .we can alleviate many conditions .This list is not exhaustive or restricted to the following: Phobias, Depression, Low self esteem, Stress relief, pain control, Examination nerves, Weight control. Eating Disorders, sports performance, public speaking , Stop Smoking. IBS. Nail biting, bereavement. Hypnotherapy is now a recognised treatment used by doctors , therapists and the NHS, Stage hypnotherapy gave it a bad name , all you need to be is open minded , as we all need a little help sometime in our lives. Julie   
Would this therapy help with the pains that one live in their daily living? I don't have a clue what it is or why anyone need it?
hello john, was interesting reading these posts, I havent had hypnotherapy but have often thought about the "regression" hypnotherapy, i think it is called that, the one that the hypnotist can take you back to previous times, do you believe they can do that?, as i say i havent been to anyone like this, but have thought about trying it out, just for curiosity.
I dont deny Anything to do with the human mind, i am into something that scientists ect have been very shady and unforgiving about for years, and things i have personally witnessed defy any logical explanation, so i wont say hypnotherapy is just a trick. far from it.
I look forward to hearing what you think about the regression thing.

thank you.
Wolfie. aka Ade.
I am with Ontariogirl on this one.   I would be way to afraid  to allow a stranger to control my mind.  Might try it if I had a trusted friend with me , but I'd need  a really good reason for doing it.   I don't know why I'm uncomfortable with this.  Usually I'm open to new experiences.
I understand that they use this treatment for cognative behavior... I don't have it so I don't think we need it.