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Personally, I don't think religion should enter into any courtship. Surely courtship should be about the depth of feelings two people have for each other. Providing mutual respect, consideration and love is what matters, if the couple should happen to share the same religious convictions, then all the better, yet shouldn't this be secondary?

I now have a question.... WHY do so many members READ/VIEW these posts yet refrain from commenting? Doesn't anyone have an opinion? :)  
It depends, if you are religious or not... personally I don't see anything wrong with it just as long as two person are agreeing to what they are courting on. My guess that you have not study about christian beliefs, it is if you are a match to that region, some people perfer dating the same idea and some don't care, so it depends on each individuals on how they want to court.
You are correct Daisy, I purposely haven't studied all religious beliefs, this a result of childhood memories! I was Christened and raised as C of E, and I still vividly recall the anger within my home when my older Sister informed our parents she intended marring a Catholic guy, and his parents and family opposed the marriage just as strongly as mine! I was only 10 years old at the time (my Sister is 10 years older than me), hence didn't understand what was happening other than it was frightening me! Long and short of it, they went ahead and married despite everything and do you know what..... They remained married for 40 years until my Brother-in-law passed away! So, back to what I said earlier... I stand by it. 
I assume that C of E is Christmas and Easter?
And why they refrain from commenting on it, my guess is that they are scared to say anything?