I am passionate about the topic of hope.

When everything in our lives is going great, hope is often a silent partner. It is easy to be hopeful when all is going well. In fact, it is a word that is thrown around without little thought ever given to it's deeper meaning. You hear people say  all the time things like I hope I don't fall on the ice. I hope I win the lottery. I hope I get a date. I hope my boss etc....

So what is hope, anyway?

Based upon my research, I do believe that it is more than just wishful thinking. It is not just problem solving and making everything OK... Some things can't be fixed.... It is not even solution focused, although solutions often are often found when one maintains/regains hope. It is certainly not just a state of mind or set of beliefs. It is the experience of moving forward despite fears and challenges. It is often just a whisper begging to be heard. That small voice that says, "yes" to life despite the uncertainties of the future. 

Hope can be borrowed and shared.  So, I do hope that you take time today to share hope with others.